Went and saw the Australian Chamber Orchestra last night. Being the ignorant clod I am, I had never heard that kind of music live before so it was just amazing. They played bits of the Farenheit 451 score and I was gobsmacked. I've heard Bernard Herrmann's wonderful scores in dozens of movies: Taxi Driver, Psycho, Vertigo, Citizen Kane, blah blah blah, but it's so familiar that you forget there's people sawing away at violins and cellos and things to make it all happen. Fantastic stuff, though I wished they could thrown in the screechy shower scene bit from Psycho, just for a laugh.

The second half of the performance was called Parables, Lullabies and Secrets, a strange little collaboration between the ACO, the national children's choir Gondwana Voices, Neil Finn and Michael Leunig. Parts of it were baffling and bloody annoying really, but you can't go wrong with Neil's amazing voice and Leunig's odd, bittersweet words.

I ignored the glares of the well-coiffed grannies around us to take the photo below. We were sitting eleven miles from the stage, my zoom is crap and no flash of course, so you get this shaky old thing. Lovely.

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