Yellow Fire

Fire engines in Canberra are yellow. One just swooped down Northbourne, sirens squealing. That shade just doesn't scream "Emergency! Emergency!" to me. How disappointing. It's not even a nice, glowing sunshiney yellow. It's putrid fluro yellow. It's like the ACT government couldn't afford to buy the nice big sexy red trucks and said to the firemen, "Here's a generic craphouse white truck, and here's a jumbo pack of yellow highlighters. Now get colouring!"

If I was a fireman, I'd be a bit annoyed. I slaved for years at Fireman School so I could ride round on a nice big sexy red truck and wave my hose around everywhere, but all I got to ride was this silly yellow thing. No one takes you seriously when you turn up to a fire aboard a yellow truck. "You gonna fight this inferno with a yellow truck? Get out!"

I spose I could move back to New South Wales. They have red trucks there.

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