Someone stole our garbage bin. Bastards. Languishing on the nature strip one moment, cruelly snatched from us the next. Last spotted in Canberra city, approximately three feet tall, cack green, really stinky with a big number 6 painted on it.

My sister thinks the little old ladies next door nicked it, to Teach Us A Lesson for not bringing our bin back in as soon as the garbo leaves. He swings by Tuesday morning, we usually don't drag it back in til the weekend. But I'm not quite sure the old ducks could have done it without putting their back out or breaking a hip.

My theory is it's the same bastards that stole my bin in Bathurst. They've followed me here and they've got my Canberra bin and my Bathurst bin sitting cosy in their living room and they're laughing it up at my expense!

I'm not sure what the process is here, but back in Bathurst, I actually had to report my bin missing to the police before the council would give me a new one. Then we had to go to the station to make a statement.

"Can you give me a description of the bin?"

"Are you kidding?"

"I am not kidding, Miss."

"Green, smelly, wheels on the bottom?"

"When did you last see the missing bin?"

"Ummmmmmm…" Six weeks had actually passed since the bin disappeared, we'd be putting our rubbish in the neighbours bin.

"Umm. Yesterday. Went missing yesterday."

"Right then, sign here please Miss, and we'll see what we can do."

It's so reassuring that the police are focused on the big crimes out there.

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