Minimum Chips

Two years ago I was earning $8.50 an hour in the fish and chip shop and I wonder how I survived? Now I am earning a respectable salary yet I am always skint. How does this happen?

CUSTOMER: Can I please have a minimum chips?

BOSS: Sure mate. That'll be $1.50. Plain salt or chicken salt?

CUSTOMER: Chicken salt, thanks.

BOSS: That'll be $1.70 then.

CUSTOMER: A dollar bloody seventy? How can you charge extra for chicken salt?

BOSS: Because you're paying for the chickens!

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2 thoughts on “Minimum Chips

  1. I have nothing to offer a world that has taken everything from me. I am bitter and full of hatred
    I am queer and abused, I am poor in spirit and in finance , I cannot bond and my family has deserted me. I am multiple and autistic and my spiritual form is the praying mantis and all I want is for the orgy to take place and for the slaughter to begin.

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