Everyone climb aboard the stupid train of thought: You read this diary entry and you think ooh how fun it would be to get married. But then you think, do you want to get married because you want to fall in love and be with someone til divorce do you part, or do you just want to get married coz you know you look good in a white dress and your hair is all fancy and you get to pose for photos and you love pretending to be a supastar and you get shitloads of presents and slow dance in the middle of a ballroom with everyone watching and everyone telling you how beautiful you are and then they'll tell you again and you're guaranteed a shag at the end of the night?

And then you think about love or the lack thereof in your life and you wonder do you really even want a special someone in your life? Or do you just want someone around who thinks you're the cat's meow, they'd tell you you're cute and funny and oh so smart and oh so okay and you're guaranteed a shag at the end of the night?

Do you actually want the give and take and ups and downs of a relationship or do you just want a steady source of attention? And then you think why are you racing off to the gym after work? Do you really give a crap about your health or do you just want to fling yourself around and try to look as hot as humanly possible so people who normally look right through you will say hey baby have you been working out?

And why do you keep that weblog? Is it because writing makes your limbs tingle with joy or is just because you madly pine for emails and guestbook signings and links and attention and adoration and the occassional stalker? What kind of kind of egomaniacal desperate freak are you?

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3 thoughts on “Spiral

  1. hey. i love it. and i love you. i suggest listening to dj boom boom ectasy. “i can do it better myself baby.”

    ps. say hi to your dog for me and charlies titties.
    i love them also/too

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