Tiny Angel Babies

Look at this picture. How beautiful is that? Brand new baby.

There's a few bloggers lately who've just become daddies, and what gets me is how awed and humbled they seem to be for that moment right after the birth, and the sweet tender things they say about their partners, it's like they've never known anything so beautiful.

Imagine making someone feel like that. And those tiny angel babies, I could just cry. Everything is making me cry today. When did I become such a sap?

Ooh er, pay day. And it seems I have accumulated 182.5 hours of annual leave. That's almost 25 working days. Crikey. All I need is some money now, and I could have quite a good holiday with all that time.

After all my whinging Amnesiac is finally coming together for me. Some bits of it make me want to weep. We had our Pilates class at lunch, and I felt so mellow and liquid and achy, I thought I'd try the album again. And it It just started making sense. Maybe because I am picturing Ed naked as I listen. Hmm.

And finally, Pussycat has been reviewed at The Weblog Review. Thanks guys!

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