Muffin, Buttered

An online quiz told me that Thom Yorke (illustrated below right) is my rockstar boyfriend, but everyone knows that Ed O'Brien (left) is my man. Note the long lean endless body, the entirely run-your-fingers-through-able hair, kissable lips, the jaunty angle of his hip, his general air of shaggability. All in good time he will realise his life is incomplete without me.

There was a Radiohead show on cable the other night, and I sat there about 4 inches from the screen, covering it in drool and snapping pictures of Mr Ed. Then they got downloaded to the computer, all 77 of them, and placed into a directory with an innocuous sounding name like documents or working files when we all know it's your Secret Porn Directory. Because that's what that Ed fellow is like for me, PORN, baby!


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