Movable Tripe

After much kicking and swearing and Crispy M&Ms, finally got the Movable Type cooking. It won't look much different to you but it should be a whole lot easier for me to run back here. Exxxcellent.

You may need to hit Refresh a few times to clear the old pussycat out of your browser. I also don't have Netscape here at work so if it looks like turds in your browser, please let me know!

Thankyou to Daniel-san, who was the charmer that bullied me into converting to MT in the first place, then spent many hours installing the software, helping me with templates and stylesheets, and listening to me bitch and scream about what a waste of time the whole exercise was. Hehe. The archive page has moved, and has shrunk dramatically. I managed to bulldoze 1300 entries down to 400, so most of the shitty "I hate the world! I want chocolate! Work sucks!" one line posts are gone.

We also now have proper comments, so you can stop emailling to say Mr Guestbook is clunky and inconvenient. But he'll still be there if you need him, all 849 glorious entries of the cranky ol bastard.

You can now expect the usual rambling posts o' shite, but now I'll probably whack a gratuitous question at the end to beg for comments. Don't just love how people do that? It goes something like this: Entry about me. Me say things about me so me look cool/tortured/cute/angsty/unique/endearing. Me me me me. Me again. Me. So… how about you? Click here to leave a comment!

Of course, if nobody panders to my thinly-disguised pleas for validation, I will probably rip down the comments code and flee to Guatemala or drink heavily or become a nun.

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31 thoughts on “Movable Tripe

  1. These comments don’t look as pretty as i’d like. I hate the white gap between the post and the postee, but ARRGH i canna get it to disappear!

  2. Very, very nice. Movable Type ain’t the easiest thing in the wokr, but I’ve had it running pretty smoothly since it was released. You’ll love it as soon as you get used to it. 🙂

  3. I’m just reliving my 24 hour tv marathons on the sofa of free coffee and unemployment. Maybe that should be a nude alcoholic Guatemalan skateboard nun?

  4. You know what you should do, right? Get raving drunk AND become a nun, then take pictures of it, recant your vows the next morning, then sell them on the internet for millions. Yes!

  5. Wehay! Hoorah for comments! Now at least I don’t have to look away from Funky Mr G every time I want to leave a message. He ALWAYS scared me, you know

  6. Rock-diddly-on! Now I can become even more of a comment slut than before! 100% yummy Shauny-comments! (Batteries not included.)

    (WARNING: User has exceeded her exclamation mark allowance.)

  7. Ooh you are so clever, witty, and self assured.

    From she who just mastered the finer workings of using a blog template… but not recovering lost stuff.

  8. Huzzah! This all looks swell, although I hate the Mr. Guestbook bashing. I had a neighbor who looked like him and all he ever did was bake us kids cookies. . .

  9. Congrats on the renovation. I’ve got to get back to my once-grand plans to retool the backend of my little blog as well.

    And the birthday shout-out there in the margin! I just saw it! I’m getting a little teary here…*sniff*

  10. Wow. Swank! You got it all running, with comments and everything. And you actually get comments. Sheesh. How do you do it, girl?

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