Strange Days

Just one of those days when odd little things happen to make you laugh.

First I went to the Asian grocer to get some Pocky, and lo and behold they have a new line called FRAN! Fran are much like pocky except more curvy and chocolatey. I had to buy a box and take a photo just to show the real live Fran.

Then we toddled out of the supermarket with our groceries to find something bizarre. Two Easter eggs were sitting side by side on the bonnet of my car. They were Humpty Dumpty ones with chocolate beans inside. Easter eggs in November? Was it a gift from a kind stranger? Chocolate anthrax? Either way it was bloody weird.

Finally on the way home we saw a shopping trolley (cart, for you bloody americans) perched on top of a stop sign.


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26 thoughts on “Strange Days

  1. Interesting omens… But omens of what? Well, I’ve come up with one, possible interpretation (on my new blog).

    But seriously, those Easter eggs are scary. Hope you’re not going to be hacked to pieces by a stalker!

  2. The Easter Eggs are my favorite part of the story. What, pray tell, did you do with them? I have this mental image of you squealing the tires as you drive off, Humpty eggs flying from the hood of the car and careening into some innocent bystander.

  3. I now know what I’m getting my sister (whose name is Fran) for Christmas.

    Is that the Asian grocer at City Markets in Civic? Or one of the ones at Dicko?

  4. Except, if I recall correctly, it went by a different name during the times I ate it on a regular basis. And I’m not going to attempt to fix that sentence.

  5. Hm. The shopping-cart stop sign made me applaud, sitting here in my office in my bathrobe. I, uh, heard tell about some people who were in the Wal-Mart parking lot here in town and decided that taking a shopping cart back to the holding pen was too much work, so they lifted it into the bed of some pickup truck. Out of line of the security cameras, needless to say. Heh.

  6. The shopping trolley is my favourite too. Then again, I’m a college student, so it really strikes to the core of my being. ๐Ÿ™‚ One of these days we’re going to get around to paper-bagging the red light cameras on Northborne…

  7. I am joining those scared of the Easter eggs.

    Maybe they recognised Golden Boy and are laughing about it from behind their computer screen as you blog about it? (No it wasn’t me!)

  8. mark and aaron – we dumped them on the ground then sped off into the sunset. in hindsight, we should have put them on the BMW next to us then waited around to see *their* reaction… d’oh

    matt – it’s the one in city markets and there’s four different types of fran! your sister will be over the moon for sure ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Hmmm. This gives me an idea for a short film.

    Probably just some bloke who got one too many shopping trolleys where the wheels go in all different directions. And he also happened to be a weightlifter or shotput champion.

  10. They will catch you! Doing these stunts to make interesting photos won’t pay off in the end!

    BTW, did ‘they’ get there YET???


  11. Fran Healy from Travis (the band) always gets given Fran bikkies when he goes to Japan apparently. But he says they’re horrible and he can’t eat them. Maybe he should try Pocky instead.

  12. By the way – it’s “cart” for a yankee. Us southerners call it a “buggy”.

    Now you have *two* types of bloody Americans to worry about ๐Ÿ˜‰

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