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Got home from work about 1.30am after the election. I was planning to spend the night Nanowrimo-ing, but we ended up having to manually update one of the tallyroom pages all night so I was busy after all. And a big hello the artist known as AEC Call Centre Chick, who redirected a few callers who were having troubles with the virtual tallyroom to my blog! Ha ha! It’s a small world.

Up early-ish and ventured out to Tuggeranong to collect Row, and I managed not to get lost this time. We then met up with Taipei’s finest son, TC. After visiting Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and crossing the Nullabor on the Indian-Pacific, he was wildly excited and breathless with anticipation to embark on the Tour de Canberra. [warning: adjectives contained last part of that sentence may be ficticious]

First stop was Telstra Tower. We went to the highest viewing deck but it was so bloody windy we had to go back down. Next we headed for the National Zoo And Aquarium, also known as the Zooquarium. When TC mentioned he’d already been to the Perth and Taronga Zoos, I knew that the Zooquarium would have been a godawful anti-climax, so we skipped it.

Then Row piped up and said she knew of a golf course that had Real Live Kangaroos on it, so we wandered along this lovely leafy path near Government House to find them. The roos were nowhere to be seen, apparently in the clubhouse playing the pokies, but it was a lovely place, with the little bridge and the lake, very peaceful.

After lunch we went to Parliament House, which is really bloody boring when you get down to it. The lift to the top was closed so we hauled ass up the slope, which I think is quite a good workout for the ol’ calves.

Next we went out to Mitchell in search of a so-called Motorcycle Museum, TC being the quite the motorcycle man. My phone directory was very new and supposedly accurate, but there was no bloody Motorcycle Museum to be seen. Hmmm.

Next stop was a toss up between the National Museum of Australia or the National Museum of Erotica (yes, it’s at 37 Northbourne Avenue. Who knew?). I was keen for the Erotica Museum but somehow we ended up at the NMA. We passed a few signs that said “PARKING LIMITED! SHUTTLE BUS AVAILABLE!” but I declared that as Queen of Parking I would get a park. And I did, second space from the front. So of course I took a photo of the park and wouldn’t shut up about it for a few hours, generally annoying the crap out of everyone I’m sure.

The Museum was a little overwhelming. First you have the ridiculous architecture, then all the exhibits seem to have the philosophy of WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY and we’re going to fling as much of it in your face as possible. Some of the bits were really well done, I found the “First Australians” section really great, they did not hold back and I wish a few ignorant clods I know could see it and realise all the crap Aboriginal people have had to contend with since the white boys arrived all those years ago. It really was very well done.

The other highlight for me was the museum cafe which was delightfully titled, Cuiseum. Haw haw. God helps us all.

Back outside again with the wacky architecture, we tried a few mirror shots in the groovy souvenir shop windows. I marched right up to a window, went snap snap and was all done. But TC zoomed in and out and stepped here and there and back and forward and readjusted, I was wondering what the fuck he was doing, but later when we compared pics on my monitor, I could see how putting a bit of thought into a photo goes a long way. I have much to learn. Mwahaha.

After that we realised we were pretty much out of things to do, there was always the Gallery or the War Memorial but I think we were all touristed out. We trekked back out to Tuggers to take the lovely Row home to her lovely family and precious breadmaking machine, then it was back to Chateau Shauny.

Harry took an instant liking to TC, with much friendly licking and wrapping his paw around TC’s arm if it looked like he was about to stop the patting. But then later in the backyard Harry was being a pain in the arse, jumping all over everyone and refusing to sit still. So TC grabbed the hound in a headlock. Harry’s pride was wounded by that, so decided he’d like to eat TC’s arm. He’d shove him out the way over and over again, but Harry would just spring back up again like a jack-in-the-box, paws up and ready for more. And later on Monty came over, so TC got to see Harry trying to climb aboard Monty. That dog has no shame. I will have to lock him a cupboard next time we have company.

My sister cooked a lovely meal followed by a kick-ass Apple Almond Cake. Oh it was lovely. With double cream on the side and everything. I felt a bit rotten when I dropped TC off at his hotel thingy, it was on Northbourne and I stupidly decided to just pull over on the side of the road while he got out. Then I noticed in the rear view mirror that a bunch of cars were poised at the lights and when it went green I have a stack of vehicles up my arse. I once had a small car accident on that intersection so it was a bit deja vu-ish. I was all panic and “Bye! Bye! Bye!” and practically shoving him out the door, tyres whining as I sped off. I felt like one of those mothers hastily dropping their offspring at school on a Monday morning, speeding off home so they don’t miss Good Morning Australia or a shag with the milkman. So I do apologise for that mate!

Anyway it was great day, despite my embarassment about the chronic blandness of this town. It was great to meet TC, he is a real champion, zingy sense of humour, excellent to talk to, and not an axe-murderer. And now I have something to do next weekend! Erotica Museum here we come! Ooh er double entendre.

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