Trial by grocery

We had chocolate, rice, orange juice, pastrami and soap. The guy behind us had a box of Home Brand Choc Chip Museli bars, one of those Tuna Lunch Kit things with crackers and tuna and mayonnaise, and a can of Campbell's Chunky Soup.

"Well, he'd never get anywhere with me," declared my sister.

"What's wrong with him?"

"He's got no taste, he's cheap, and he can't cook."

Watch your trolleys, boys. You're being analysed 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Trial by grocery

  1. Easily solved. Hide the pre-cooked, microwaveable food under two (2) fresh vegetables/fruit, prefereably large, leafy and useless solo.

    Leeks/shallots are a good example. They imply the presence of yet more vegies and stuff at home, because there’s very little you can do with them by themselves.

    Shauny’s sister will think you Jamie Oliver.

  2. Man. I’ve never analyzed people by the contents of their shopping carts. By the contents of their pants, yes. Shopping carts (or “trolleys”), no.

  3. I’m the worst nosey bugger when it comes to looking at peoples’ trollies. And I’m not fussy what the blokes have in theirs, as long as it’s not pantyhose

  4. There is nothing wrong with calling it a trolley!

    I was trying to write this into my nanonovel the other day, about the guy with soup for one and mini cereal boxes. But I couldn’t fit him anywhere. Oh well.

  5. Reminds me of a joke:

    A guy sees a girl come to the supermarket checkout with one potato, one tin of soup, one steak, and one tomato. He says:

    “So, you’re single”

    “How can you tell? By my shopping?”

    “No. You’ve got a peg leg, a glass eye, and your face is covered in cigarette burns.”

  6. Ooh, it’s a good thing your sister didn’t see me shopping when I was over there. I wonder what she would think of a basketful of instant noodles.

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