Some kind soul sent me a birthday copy of Nick Hornby's How To Be Good from the wishlist. They sent it bang on November 1 but it only arrived in my mailbox today. Amazon's a little slow lately. It didn't say who sent it, so could the kind person please speak up so I can thank you properly? 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Belated

  1. Good God! I ordered that for you on the 1st of November! I realize you are on the otherside of the planet, but for the love of Mike! It was supposed to be a birthday present, so happy (belated) birthday!

  2. Oh, and you will have to tell me how it is. I wanted to read it, but I am to cheap to buy it in hardcover. But somehow I can justify buying it for a perfect stranger. Don’t ask. I makes perfect sense in my head…

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