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So when the powers that be start telling everyone to prepare for 'redeployment', what the hell does that mean in this dot-bomb crazy world? It sounds like I am to be stuffed into a cannon with a laptop tucked under my arm and blasted off into the ether, and whichever random spot I land, I am to dust myself off and get back to work.

Whatever it means, the winds of change are a-blowing. It's not Cyclone Tracy kind of wind, but enough of a breeze to send your skirt billowing up around your legs, like Marilyn Monroe. I worry because I've no bloody idea what to do next. I've been a professional Cut and Paster for the past two years so I'm not exactly o'erbrimming with skills. There's that journalism degree but no experience (or interest) to accompany it. Who the bloody hell would employ me?

Me tired. Last year I took the Real Age test, and it said although I was 23, I was looking more like 30. But after almost a year of reforming rotten habits, it tells me I now have a real age of 16.8! I am just one big beacon of good health. Maybe I can put that on my CV.

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14 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. Well, if you’re such a beacon of health, where are you? I tried to talk to you on ICQ, but you just popped up briefly and dissapeared! You’re a tease! And it’s not the first time, either…
    I suppose you could be outside, jogging and swimming and throwing medicine balls around, and other healthy things. . .

  2. Re-Deployed?! Good Lord!! In corporate parlance m’dear this means burrow yourself in somewhere like an insane tick and make yourself as indispensable as possible or be forever and horribly consigned to the mail room or the redundancy playhouse. Here they don’t use re-deployed, cos it would upset our bloated HR department. Instead they just take your key and tell you its being re-issued later. As to other possibly careers….. how bout:
    Freelance Fashion journalist
    Rabid Right wing Media Mogul.
    Expesively attired personal assistant’s assistant.
    System Administrator
    Criminal Mastermind
    Rock Journalist (Yeah! I like this one. You write good about bands shauny)

  3. Oh! I thought it was about your mental age, like. Well – if I quit the smokes, I’d be two years younger than the numbers say.

  4. Ahh, yes, the corporate shake-up. I went away on holidays and when I got back Lizz was at work. Odd.

    Still don’t know what I’m going to do in the new year, stick at my job and try for a permanent position, or move somewhere more interesting and risk unemployment. Hmm.

  5. You need to run away to Hollywood with me so’s we can become pro fluffers and work our way up from there. Let us not forget the amusement park idea.

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