Fries With That

Oh ho ho! So it seems the Big Boss has been whisked away more important things, so the meetings have been postponed until Tuesday! Bloody hell.

I don't think my butt would squeeze that well into the mouth of a cannon, so methinks I'll have a looky elsewhere. My brain is turning to mush here with every passing day. Please let me know if you have any ideas or job nibbles.

And don't say "Move back to Bathurst and resume your fish frying career." Did you know I cooked 480 pieces of fish on Good Friday 1999? I went home and cried from exhaustion and general crapness and disappointment in myself, then vowed to get out of my rut. So I moved to Canberra and studied some more then got the job that became my current rut.

I guess that's what life is about, getting into one rut after the other and learning to know the right time to claw out of it. Heh.

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28 thoughts on “Fries With That

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I got out of my last rut at the newspaper to enter the one I’m in now. Soon, though, I hope to find a nice, comfy rut, perhaps with verticle blinds and a good internet connection.

  2. Go become an erk at your nearby airfield refuelling and servicing airplanes. They’ll give you flying lessons for cheaper. Then you get qualified and become an instructor there, and after that, move on to airline captain.

  3. get a teaching job at ngee ann polytechnic and move to singapore for a year. the job is not hard, the pay is ok, and you get 42 days holiday a year!!

    unfortunately, you’d probably need to leave harry behind…

  4. Missouri: Land of Opportunity. Hideous weather, mediocre universities which accept students sight unseen, but lots of job opportunities. I’m empoyed and am a lazy lout. Heh.

  5. You are much more than chopped liver, my friend. I meant local in that M & M live just over the hill, while you live over the other side of the city πŸ™

    I got your Christmas card! Thanks!

  6. Ah, working’s a mugs game. What you need is some sort of get rich quick scenario or perhaps a pyramid scheme or two.

  7. I’m sending your chapbooks today. I doubt they’ll show up before Christmas, but there’s always hope. Still can’t believe you wear shorts and barbecue on Christmas. It’s cold and raining here today, the last of the fall leaves clinging to the deciduous trees. Argh.

  8. That sentence about wearing shorts and barbecue was poorly worded. I apologize. It should’ve read more like this: “I can’t believe you barbecue and wear shorts on Christmas.” Because, unless you’re a bunch of big partyers, you don’t so much wear barbecue as eat it. Whatever. Anyway.

  9. Shauny, does Marybeth speak the truth? Aussies wear barbecued shorts for Christmas?

    Anyway, today’s the day. And don’t forget, whatever happens in the meeting, you’re a High Quality Person πŸ™‚

  10. Because it’s bloody hot! What do you expect we’d be doing for Christmas? Building snowmen?
    Anyway, snow is wet and cold and overrated.

  11. Jeez, you guys are smartasses. Making fun of the college student from America. Is this how you get your kicks? Huh? By preying upon those of us who are nearly illiterate and write a pathetic Shauny-wannabe blog? And if you ask me, barbecued shorts aren’t such a bad idea. πŸ˜›

  12. Well, yes, barbequed shorts for the bloke who ignores the kitchen all year and then come summer decides he’s King of the Barbeque and ends up setting his shorts on fire through incompetence whilst turning the snags and prawns. πŸ™‚

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