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The Prime Minister Tony Blair today broadcast the following statement on the death of George Harrison.

"George Harrison was a lovely lovely Beatle. He hated any kind of war but I know that if he were alive this afternoon he would have unreservedly backed military strikes against the Taliban followed up by further action led by British special forces against Al Qaeda terrorists hiding in fifty other countries."

[via grim]

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12 thoughts on “George

  1. Okay. So George wasn’t in favor of war while he was alive, but while he’s dead he’s all for it? I know they say death changes a person, but yeesh.

  2. hey shauny – it goes against my sense of balance to see the pussycat hangin’ like that without the hat falling down straight – know what I mean?
    (so I have a balance problem, what can I say! 😉

  3. no one gets it. the song is “all you need is love” but substitute war for love. because that was all the beatles were about, yeah? war and killing…? oh, forget it. I shall never post here again. [end idle threat]

  4. The hat hanging up restores the sense of upsidedowniness that would otherwise be lost in this postmodern age dominated by images and image manipulation, I reckon.

    Oh, and the ‘George’ thing must surely be satyre, and oh too true.

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