O Christmas Tree

Tonight I walked past a house with Christmas carols pouring out of it. On closer look, there were a bunch of grey-haired folk inside, standing in a row and singing their hearts out while a zany lady conducted. You know those zany ladies. Big hair, big earrings, big hand gestures and bright red lipstick.

The next house had another open window and a handsome man sitting at a piano, playing a festive tune. He had glasses and dark curly hair and a serious expression. We stood there listening as he played and I sent him ESP messages. Hey, Dark Curly Piano Guy, look at me. Look up at me and I’ll smile then you’ll smile back, then you’ll invite me in and you can keep playing while I casually drape myself on the piano drinking wine…

But he didn’t look up. Bah humbug! So I told Harry to lift his leg on the mailbox. That dog can pee on cue, I tells ya.

It’s hard to stay crotchety about Christmas when my flatmates are in high spirits. Emily’s done her shopping already and is playing her Bing Crosby CD and making biscotti.

On Sunday we bought a real live Christmas tree at the markets. I’ve never had a proper tree before. It looks beautiful. Except it makes me sneeze.

As if that wasn’t Christmasy enough, Rhiannon then had the bright idea of baking our own tree decorations. I was entrusted to make the cookie dough. Half a kilo of flour landed on the floor but it worked okay. The fun part was the decorating. We had pink icing and green icing and those little silver ball thingies. Rhiannon’s looked perfect, like the ones in the picture from the magazine (above) but mine looked a little mutated. But it has personality.

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14 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree

  1. He looks kinda like the santa claus in that stop motion animation Rudolph and the snow monster or whatever that they always show around Christmastime. At least in this hemisphere. Where I am.

  2. hehehe! I thoroughly approve of your ‘personality’ assessment 😀

    (By the way, where could I find your Midnight Brownies recipe? I fancy making some for the festive season 🙂 )

  3. Hearing things like this makes me wish I didn’t live at home. That I lived in a cool little house with my buddies, and we could cook our own bloody cookies and have a cool little christmas tree. Alas, it shall happen one day, eh.

    Although, I’m sorry, but that decoration does look quite scary. Whatever floats your boat though, as they say, Shauny. 😉

  4. I think it’s kinda cute!

    I have no decorations on my tree this year, just a star on top. and my tree is only about 18″ tall, it’s a mini lilly pilly.
    It had a red velvet bow too but my cat took that.

  5. SHauny’s midnight brownies are one of my three entire food groups recently. burnt brownies and brownie mixture make up the other two. Yummy…

    I can’t believe everybody else is getting all festive, when I’ve hardly even got myself out of November-mode.

  6. Have you seen Event Horizon? The bit where the doctor has gouged his eyes out? The cookie reminds me of that. It is scaring me a lot and I am going to have to scroll down now

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