Oh you shouldn’t have

I thought I was the recepient of the Crappiest Christmas Gift 2001 with my "Just Roses" gift pack of soaps and accompanying bottle of Massage Oil…

… but then I got back to Canberra and saw my flatmate's boyfriend had scooped the pool with his elegantly framed Biker Teddy print.

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21 thoughts on “Oh you shouldn’t have

  1. Sigh. And I actually gave someone that exact set of massage oil and soap.

    Oh, and my website is down right now while I move to

  2. Soap and massage oil ain’t too bad, really. I managed to score a couple of twisty weird shoelaces. Apparently, they mean I never have to do up my shoes ever again. Um… great?

  3. I didn’t get any socks. This is not a good thing – I have very few socks as is, and my brother has taken to poaching them nowadays (or, as he calls it, “reclaiming” them).

    The situation is getting rather desperate. As a result, we attack at dawn. A shiny new cigarette-smoking donkey (courtesy, although she doesn’t know it yet, of Shauny) for whoever kills Col. Monteya.

  4. I got a ‘Glitter Babes’ bath and shower gel set.. complete with a big purple flower sponge and a hairclip. I’m 18. My 12 year old cousin got the same thing.

  5. I don’t know. I got nothing but great presents that I really needed. Vacuum cleaner strong enough to pick up kitty litter, hangers for Christmas stockings, cordless phone, warm shirt, watercolor set, Wal-Mart gift card, Foreman grill, candle holders, bread pans. My family gives good presents.

  6. Finally! I too am one of your bitches. Moving site for the third time in two days? I can help. Advice, counseling, death threats, all handled right here at Come see me.

  7. SJ – tom is a total tool. it’s sad that he had to haunt both our dreams. i had a dream about nicole and she was far more interesting!

    row – i gave my sister some cute PJs and a necklace. that was pretty good 😀

    daniel – i’m always here. i never really go anywhere. i just like to sit back and watch the comments.

  8. i kno this was ages ago… but read it and HAD to comment coz this gotta be first place 😉

    a pkt of maccas cookies for my… um, 16th or 17th birthday from a best mate.

    and the nxt year she gave me TWO pkts of cookies!!

    lucky me.

    (hmmm, should probably mention too that i’m anti-mcdonalds and their ‘cookies’ taste more like industrial strength cardboard… but she forgot my bday and only remembered it on the drive-thru on the way to school, so… yeah) ;p

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