Weather Report

It's hottttttt it's hot it's soooo fucking hot today. Mmmmmmmmmphhbh.

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17 thoughts on “Weather Report

  1. Heh. I just got out of work, and yes, it’s bloody warm. It was alright when I went in to the office, but the small shower of rain we had at lunchtime’s just made everything muggy and yuck.

  2. I didn’t even notice when I was out riding today until I got back and found I was dripping with sweat – ugh.

    What’s with the black text, btw?

  3. This isn’t hot! Not even close!

    (I’ve got myself on a strict accustomisation plan. In three days, I’ll be stepping off a plane in Brisbane, experiencing the slap-in-the-face-with-a-hot-wet-washcloth that is Queensland weather, and I’d better bloody have braced myself for it.)

  4. I’m sure it’s going to get hotter in Sydney. It was only supposed to be 27 today and I’m sure it was a lot worse.

    Anyway, happy xmas Shauny. Still haven’t figured out MT yet!

    And if you’re in Sydney for Boxing Day give me a shout, I’m having a shing-ding!

    And anyone else for that matter. Not that you aren’t number one on the list Shauny!

  5. I concur. Too cold! I’m wearing a sweater and bluejeans, and I’m quite freezing my cute little ass off. I’ve no clean socks either. Gah. Winter.

  6. oh man, I had to take today off, didn’t I? I’m sitting at the puter in a small puddle of my own sweat, (or maybe I wee’d myself. I dunno) wanting to be at air-conditioned work.

  7. In the land of ye ol’ England, it is far beyond freezing and I can barely type without the aid of gloves. You lucky bastards get summery Christmases. *Dribbles*.

  8. I’ll trade you Shauny! It snowed all day in Ottawa today and the drive home was a pain. Handbreak turns in the snow are a lot of fun, but I’d rather enjoy the heat.

  9. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells… *goes out to play in the knee-deep snow* (Actually, it’s -25 C in Sweden at the moment, and it’s a wee bit too cold even for me.. if you stand still too long, you’ll freeze to the ground. Really.)

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