Chain of Events

14:00 — Friday (Oz time) – Reality Show ho Shauna succumbs to tempatation and looks up winner of Survivor on the internet. Channel 9 seems to think a cricket test match is more important than a crappy American program thus the finale was not actually screened Down Under until Saturday night.

SHAUNA: Woo! Ethan wins! My loverboy!

14:05 — Calls RHIANNON at her work.

S: Do you want to know who won?

R: I thought you weren't going to look?

S: I am weak.

R: I am weak also. Tell me who it was.

S: My loverboy. Ethan.

R: My loverboy! Woo!

S: So don't tell anyone will ya.

R: Of course not.

S: Woo! Ethan!

R: Woo! Ethan!

14:10 — Rhiannon's BOSS walks by. Boss is also reality show ho.

R: Do you want to know who won?

B: How did you know?

R: I harnessed the amazing powers of the internet.

B: Who was it?

R: Ethan. B: Woo! Ethan! My loverboy.


CSW: What are you talking about?

B & R: Survivor

CSW: Oh. I don't watch that. Reality shows suck. Who won?

B & R: Ethan.

CSW: Oh.

14.12 — CSW wanders off

14.15 — Rhiannon receives all-staff email message. All 600 employees would have received it. The message has been sent by CSW. The body is blank, but the subject reads: GUESS WHO WON SURVIVOR? ETHAN!

4.20 — Angry riots in the workplace.

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16 thoughts on “Chain of Events

  1. LOL – I spent all of Friday tormenting a Survivor ho at work because I found out who the winner was that morning. Much fun 🙂

  2. I’m still laughing. Man o man. Blake is still talking about Survivor’s finale–does that tell you ANYTHING about how the last few days have been going around here? Smiles.

  3. When I told someone I know who doesn’t watch Survivor, he said, “You mean that guy who looks like John Walker?” I guess that was before he shaved. (“American Taliban Guy,” btw.)

  4. Oh, and happy newyeeeer shauny! I went to Queensland, which explains my sudden brain-of-pineappleness. Then again, I’ve come over all wordy of late, and have suddenly discovered that I no longer have anywhere to purge the letters. Oh well. Angus.

  5. Ah, y’see, I was always more of a Big Brother boy than one of those Survivor followers. A bunch of people eating wriggling, live larvae was all we ever got on that programme. Big Brother was grrreat (as Tony the Tiger would say.)

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