Meet The Be Sharps

Still hot. Still and hot. No sleep, t-shirt, undies. Toss on the bed, all melodramatic and cranky. Wait for the sky to split open. Thunder grumbles, lightning spits. Bursts of light and shadow on the walls, like the glow from a television set. Think about work. Think about an overdrawn bank account. Think about fresh raspberries. Think about the Grammy nominations. Same bloody formula every year. Crusty old rockers on comeback trail; latest songbird fresh from her teens; inoffensive radio friendly band with soaring ballad; token gangsta rapper type in attempt to show awards still relevant; and Bob Dylan. Finally, rain hammers on the roof, sleep, wake up, better mood.

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9 thoughts on “Meet The Be Sharps

  1. Ugh.. Makes you just want to crawl into your refrigerator and curl up in the butter. Get nice, cool and greeced.

    Noticed how latley two in three aussie bloggers are bitching about the heat?

  2. Hey doll – I can help you get Family Guy if you want – all you need is to download Morpheus from and even if you connect at 33.6 or what it’ll still bring in an episode while you sleep. Nothing better in the morning than FG and coffee.

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