Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence

Last night I had bad, bad dreams about the previous entry. I know you're all thinking I'm some sort of freak. I don't have the finger any more, okay? Not since I was two days old. I have perfectly normal hands! Please don't alienate me from your hallowed society!

Thanks Rory Baby for informing me via the comments that this here blog is a Bloggies finalist, in the categories of Best Aussie/NZ Blog and Best-Kept-Secret Blog. So to whichever lovely kiddies nominated the Pussycat, thanks!

What great timing on my part that I have all these extra visitors and the first thing they read is Shauna Was A Six-Fingered Freak. Just fantastic. Would you vote for a mutant?

Aside from a bazillion dodgy 2GZ albums, the last thing I won was 2nd place in the 50 metres butterfly at the Small Schools Swimming Carnival in 1989. Granted, there were only two people in the race. And I had to be fished out of the pool by the lifeguards about the 25 metre mark. Butterfly is a dirty bitch of a stroke, I tells ya.

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16 thoughts on “Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence

  1. Well, at least you won something at swimming. I used to dive into the pool off the blocks like that tarzan bloke, then just dogpaddle down the pool.

  2. Your finger story was adorable (there’s a word I never use), I sometimes experience sharer’s remorse, too–and I voted for you:)

  3. I just found out about the whole Bloggies thing or whatever it’s called today and I voted for you because you’ve got such an interesting site. I don’t think you’re a mutant! Now doesn’t that make you feel all better?

  4. Butterfly… *shudder*

    I was the champion backstroke on my swim team, but the one time I tried to swim butterfly I had to be fished out too. A dirty bitch of a stroke is exactly right.

  5. Oh, I couldn’t handle the pressure of that kind of noteriety! Plus I’m pretty sure my host server couldn’t handle the bandwidth any kind of popularity would cause.

    Whew! That was a close one. I was glad to see your site on there, though. Best of the lot by far, I think.

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