The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

Well I am all funked out, kiddies. I went to see Jamiroquai last night and I danced like a loon. Jamiroquai's debut album was the 2nd album I ever bought. The first was Lenny Kravitz Are You Gonna Go My Way. Hey, I was 15 and clearly going through my Artists Who Bastardise Old School Stuff phase.

Anyway, I never got into their other albums quite like I did that funky first one, it all got so samey. But I bought the concert tickets when drunk and thought why the hell not, how often do we get a decent show in Canberra, and I'll get to hear a couple of tunes from that first album. They didn't play a single bloody song from it.

Nevertheless, it's impossible not to get into a show when you're three rows from the front. That Jay Kay with all his stupid hats and crazy moves is a cute little monkey close up. I would like to know what drugs he was taking, such was his endless energy throughout. He'd belt out a song pitch-perfect then just dance madly for a good ten minutes, scampering on top of the speakers, swishing across the stage. It didn't really feel like a concert, it just felt like a big party.

We were crammed in like sardines in the front rows, it was ridiculously sweaty and crazy. I continue to be amazed by the energy of Canberrans at concerts. When I make the trek to Sydney the crowds seem more subdued, a little cynical and harder to impress. But here in Canberra it seems everyone is so grateful that somebody actually bothered to show up here, that we go insane. It was the same with the Powderfinger show last year. Completely different from Jamiroquai but the same manic energy and roaring cheers.

One thing that bugged me though. Short people. Now don't bloody fire me angry emails if you're short, calling me a Short-ist, a smug tall bitch, whatever. This is purely in the context of a mosh-pit type situation. This snippy shortarse behind me last night who arrived late, very rudely poked me in the back and asked could my mate Jenny (5'10") and I let her through because we were tall and she was short and wanted to get closer to the front.

We refused. Why? Because I got there early and bloody waited for the doors to open then I raced over to get a good spot, as did the people in front of me. I don't care if you're Michael Jordan or a goddamn midget, if you want to be up the front you bloody get there early and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT for the front, orright? Thank you.

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24 thoughts on “The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

  1. Mosh pit height restrictions.
    Ooh, cynical and harder to impress! I’ve never noticed before. I think being hard to impress is impressive, and probly alot of other ssiders do too… a vicious loop of slightly raised eyebrows and frowny mouths.

  2. I’ve learned just to get there early. I get really peeved when people ask for that sort of thing.

    It’s not like I’ll forget that I’m 5’1″ between now and the next general-admission show I go to. 😉

  3. Right on! Though I tend to not want to be in the front anyway–Blake was once attacked and hit his head quite soundly on the floor. And he is a large fellow. That was enough for me, friends.

  4. You smug, tall bitch! No, I completely understand where you’re coming from. Just cause we’re not lucky enough to, you know, see anything doesn’t mean we’re entitled to special privileges.

  5. I think that Jay-Kay has the same problem as Mattay – the drugs are just secreted naturally into his system. High on life and all that. I want some ):

  6. Well you called him Harry and that’s just fine…it’s just not what I’d choose.

    I’m going to start looking at lipsticks. Hehe…do they come in tortoiseshell?

  7. i’m 5′ tall, which is just about short enough to crawl under most people in a mosh pit. otherwise i get squashed. damn you tall people! seriously tho, i think survival of the moshpit is the only biological advantage tall people have over shorties.

  8. As a shortarse (well, *I* consider 5’7.5″ {don’t forget the .5} to be short), I must say I heartily agree.

    I must also wonder what the hell you were doing subjecting yourself to Jamiroquai! :o)

  9. Yer, we tall girls must stand up for our rights!

    Much as I despise these award things, I was dead pleased to see you won a Bloggie! Good on ya!

  10. Fight the good fight – bravo!

    As I sit here typing, someone in the complex is playing a Jamiroquai cd. Not only can I hear it, I can *just* feel the bass.

    The way some people were acting last night, I dont know why they bothered buying tickets – damn party-poopers.

  11. When short people tap me on the lower thigh to ask me a question I just turn around and pretend I can’t see them all the way down there. I also have a habbit of walking into people in the street if they don’t get out of my way.

    Hell I’m bigger, they should bloody move

  12. Short people in mosh pits scare me; I’m a relatively short guy – 5’8″ish or so, maybe taller on a good say, and some of the 5 foot chicks at the Bif Naked concert tonight scared the heck out of me up front.

    But not nearly as much as the 6 foot 6 guys did. Grrrr. 😛

  13. Fark, I’m 5’8″. ¶ Sounds much more civilized than at the Tragically Hip concert in Burlington, Vermont, where two late-thirties, 300-pound former college footballer types who knew each other began shoving the crowd around – really shoving, putting their hams against the walls of people and pushing like they were trying to move a car. Naturally this created a wave effect in the crowd. This in turn caused the mass of bodies to start sloshing back and forth ever more violently – well, anyway, I saw shorter people than me vanish under the madding crush thanks to these two repressed-something types.

  14. I am one of those short people at concerts, but I get there early…

    but to be fair, it has also happened that very TALL people have used their vertical leverage to PUSH me out of the way despite the fact that I had been there a good hour before them while they snip, “It’s a CONCERT!”

    and because I feel their pain, I let people shorter than me stand in front of me… and I’m 5’2″.

  15. Cool! I went out and danced my ass off last week too. Not a mosh pit scene though. I’m 5.9 so I usually geta good view anyway but at least most midgets don’t take up too much spaceon the dance floor!

    It sure felt good to shake my bones out!

  16. If you live in Sydney, then concerts and fun is an everyday occurence… for Canberrians, it’s a major event, so they are going to strut their funky stuff 🙂

  17. as a 5’5″ girl, i always seem to get stuck behind the 6’6″ giant who has the uncanny ability to be exactly where I move to avoid him/

    i have stopped goign to concerts becasue all I ever get to see is a big black eclipse with really pretty lights around the edge.

    Not many girls can grow to be 6 feet tall, it’s not our fault.

    chivarly is dead.

  18. That’s not a “short” thing. That’s just pushy, whatever size or shape or colour they are.

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