Yesterday I found in the mailbox a copy of Becoming A Writer by Dorothea Brande. Woo! Could the kind soul who sent it to me please speak up so I can thank you properly? I'm a few chapters into it now and it's a great read. It was originally written in 1934 but still reads fresh as a daisy. And she's a witty old broad. It's not condescending or wanky like some writing books can be.

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8 thoughts on “Timely

  1. row – i have no idea what they even put in it! i think they were going to have tags for Previous Month Archive/Next Month Archive. And some other stuff. Hmmm.

  2. It weren’t me, either.

    But what I do have for you are five words randomly selected from a dictionary: ‘drive’; ‘rhododendron’; ‘heap’; ‘break’; and ‘scent’.

    One short story or five microstories, it’s up to you.

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