You Only Live Twice

I went to a James Bond party last night. It was a rather swanky affair with cigars, a Casino Royale and cocktails aplenty. Only problem is the cocktails ran out just after midnight so we were left with the choice of lukewarm champagne or some very dodgy leftover mixes (mango puree, blue curacao, lemonade and sambucca, how about it?).

The best part was seeing a bunch of high school buddies, many of whom I’d not seen since we graduated six years ago. Everyone’s scattered all over the globe now but it’s good that you can fall back into friendships like you never left them, even reviving old unfortunate nicknames. Typical reunion scene: someone screaming “SHAUN DOGGIE!” as they drunkenly weaved across the room.

At midnight I kissed as many people as possible, with as much gusto as I could summon from my booze-soaked bod, my reasoning being this is probably the most action I’ll see until the next new years eve, knowing my raging success with the opposite sex. One even came back for seconds, so that will do me til next year. Well, actually, it won’t bloody do at all, but beggars can’t be choosers.

The party ended rather abruptly around 5.30am when the dance-off got out of control. One old comrade, resplendent in fez and cravat, got a little too funky at the Disco Volante (a mirrorball and floors and ceiling covered in tinfoil) and went smashing out the living room window, arse first.

Now it’s 6.30 pm and I’m feeling very seedy and bleary, and according to an email confirmation, I got online and bought four Jamiroquai concert tickets sometime this morning. Hmmm. Well, have a great year kiddies!

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21 thoughts on “You Only Live Twice

  1. Happy New year Shauny! Hope you get your man this year – I hope I get mine too!. And hey, what happened to your splash page. Mwah mwah.

  2. Hey, Shauny proves once again she’s still alive! :o)

    Good to hear you had a good time, too – Happy New Year!

    (what *did* happen to your splash page?)

  3. Jamiroquai???

    In other news: In a further example of our spectacular bad timing, I won’t be back in the Berra until 4th Feb, due to being my best friend’s Maid of Honour and fun things like that. Sad, ain’t it? We’ll have to arrange something after that. Well, try to, anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Happy New Year! (as if the drunken message I left on your voicemail wasn’t enough. Heh.)

  5. Jamiroquai? The only sign of true drunkenness.

    Glad you had a good time. Though disappointed at the lack of cocktails (I too had to drink lukewarm champagne.)

  6. You had a better time than me. Sir and I watched the Sydney fireworks on the tv. But at least we stayed up.

    As for the Lomo: name your price.

  7. WAAAAH! Shauny, I’m so sorry! That does it officially. No more site building at three a.m. for me. Stupid FTP. One of these days I’ll get the hang of it. Like, today. Like, now. I’m so very bad. I wish you could see how remorseful I am. I’ll stop babbling now.

  8. Woo-hoo! That’s two sexy web types to have got a little kissing action this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Go Shauny!

  9. doh, I’ve been bumped off Cat’s meow… *cries a bit* –maybe it’s random. please tell me it’s random, and not that I suck.

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