Prove Your Love Day

This is the day in which women everywhere have a constant look of expectation on their face. Flowers, chocolates, marriage proposals, they're just around the corner, to be sure.

I say this without any trace of bitterness, it has nothing to do with the fact I am home alone while both my flatmates are out on the town being wooed. But why is it the guys that seem to be doing the wooing? Why are the chicks sitting around saying "That bastard better bring me flowers." What are you doing for him?

An example. A conversation between a girl I know, let's call her The Princess, and her boyfriend, with a brief cameo from me:

PRINCESS: It's Valentine's next Thursday.

BOYFRIEND: Yeah, I know.

P: So what are you getting me? It's a special day.

B: I dunno yet!

P: And then after that it's my birthday.

B: I know.

P: And then it's Easter. We'll have Easter presents, right?

B: Yeah!

P: And then it's our anniversary!

B: Yeah.

P: And Christmas!

B: Mmm.

P: And Valentine's again!

B: Yeah.

P: So you have to buy me things. I like jewellery. And perfume.

SHAUNA: What are you getting him?

P: What?

S: A new girlfriend?

If I had a man and I wasn't in fact sitting here alone with some icecream, I would make sure his Valentine's Day was worth remembering.

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31 thoughts on “Prove Your Love Day

  1. Hear hear, I couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing that shits me more than a girl who seems to think that there’s something romantic about one-way attention (delivered, of course, in her, i.e. the girl’s, direction). As if men are supposed to take every initiative and women are supposed to passively receive it. I like my partners to be as proactive as I am. Perhaps that explains why I’m single …

  2. My friend Hudson is a spazz. Usually we have geek night on Thursdays but this Thursday he’s going to hole up in his pathetic room and while away the hours by being complexly depressed.

    You know what I say?


  3. I got no Valentine’s’ (how is that pluralised?), either. But neither did I send any. So, I guess that means I broke even again this year.

    Mmmmm… Ice-cream…

  4. Well this year I gave more than I received. But who washes the dishes, clothes and makes dinner every night? I’m hardly going to complain.

  5. It’s all about shopping and buying shit. There are more interesting ways of expressing your affection for someone. A nice bunch of home grown beetroots for example.

  6. Well I just want to say for the record that not all girls are like that – I actually went to some effort yesterday, and for your interest I’m going to relate my little Valentine’s scheme (mostly cause I am so bloody proud of myself and want to brag to a whole lot of strangers on the net – heheheh):
    I got a gift for my guy, and hid it at our place, then I got all the hearts out of a deck of cards, and printed out all these quotes about love by famous people, then I wrapped each one around a card and put little clues on the back, then hid them around our place, so basically he had to look for the cards and read the clues to find his pressie. Anyway, it took me bloody ages to think that up, so I’m quite proud of it!
    And my boyfriend loved it, and said no one had ever done anything like that for him, so it all worked out quite nicely. =)

  7. every leap year, the girls are supposed to do the wooing. yeah, like *that* will happen. i feel sorry for guys when it comes to times like this. mind you, i’m one to talk. i was perfectly happy to sit around all day being wooed and brought flowers by my under-appreciated gf :p

    my brother, on the other hand, spent hours cooking and preparing for a breakfast picnic with his girlfriend. but i think what she really appreciated was the fact that he got up before 2pm, just to make her happy.

  8. “I thought this post was pretty brash, but it was slightly derivative of posts that have come before. However, I still declare Shauny a blogging troubadour; nay, she may even be the savior of blogging.”
    I’ll “Mom” you. 🙂

  9. It’s funny how only the guys have really come out for this set of comments, eh? I mean, you know, the woman are all hiding, because they know Shauny’s right … except for the ladies who do realize that love is a two-way street.

    I stayed at home and watched curling. I shoulda had a coupla beers. Alas.

  10. I’m agreeing with Tarsh. Your all pathetic losers if you just think coz it is a certain day of the year, your gf is gonna go fk you, or go do everything for you. Not all girls are selfish I’m sorry to tell you. And yeah we all know that it is a two way street Geof, but maybe if our men weren’t so inconsiderate and had half a brain to not cheat on us, or do somethin for us occasionally, and put some freegin effort into it. coz there aren’t alot of guys out there doing it. OO and heres one now geof, maybe you should get ur lil azz of the computer and go do something about the crap your talking about, instead of sitting there dumbstruck and giving shit to girls. Run lil Geof Run.

  11. girls arent selfish. i do everything and anything i can do to show my man that i love him. but he’s the one that never seems to give back anything….i make him pottery, and write him poems and clean and bake for him. and he starts fights. i dont know what to do sometimes, because i love him so much, that id do anything, and when he wants to be, he’s the perfect one for me.

  12. Bre, your post insulting Geoff and telling him to take his ass out of the computer is one of the most (and probably THE most) pathetic, sexist, childish, cretinous posts I have ever seen in my entire life. Speaking of life, go get one.

  13. Let me preface this by saying that I DID get my wonderful boy something for Valentine’s Day. Mm-hmm, that’s right, in addition to, er, favors, he will also be getting something of the store-bought variety.

    But I will also say that ONE day vs. 9 months ain’t too shabby. The fact that I am even comtemplating hours and hours of labor to bear our children ensures my right to be treated like a princess, dammit. Bring on the chocolates!

  14. valentines day sux….not 1 person said they loved me todae not even my own fuckin parents…i want to hang myself

  15. Its not so much a matter of gender as of personality, in many relationships there is one partner who takes an active role and an other that takes the passive role. I really agree with gizmo, men love to be loved, but relationships are about two people. Im unfortunately in a relationship where I get nothing back of my partner but spend most of my time trying to show my love. All I get back back is grief and fights. I dont know how to deal with this but I know because we are so much in love that somehow we will find a way through it.

  16. Forgeting valentines day for a woman is like not remembering your anniversay date as a couple, the first time you made love and where and when you met….You must program in your phone, the 12th of febuary to make sure you buy and send a card. If you forget to do this, Then hell will freeze over/no sex for 3 months. If you are single, don’t bother. If she says “Thanks for the card/floweers/cuddly toy then just say “No worries”. You never know, you may get a shag. If you do end up together and she recieved nothing in the post, A good comment is:- “Bloody postal service, I don’t know why I bother sending anything because it never gets through”. This allows you to look like you sent her a card/flowers/chocolate without the effort but you can still seem loving and caring…!!!!

    Guys…remember valentines day and make sure you do something…!!!!

  17. SORRY…But the last comment was me…Have you got your book yet shauny…I have had no email to say it has been sent out…Don’t open untill the 14th of feb though other wise I may have to send you something else…woe betide!!!

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