The Boy Is Mine

Here's Golden Boy™. As of 2 o'clock this afternoon, I officially own his golden ass. Woohoo! Due to unforseen circumstances, the thing I had been madly saving for this past six months isn't going to be happening for awhile. So rather than blow it all on something stupid, I decided to be Adult for once and pay off the rest of the golden chariot thereby saving me some interest. Now I'm poor but if all else fails I can sleep in the car! Vroom! Vroooom!

And thanks to all those who voted and made WNP the Best Kept Secret Blog winner. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

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24 thoughts on “The Boy Is Mine

  1. Isn’t a Bloggie for ‘Best Kept Secret’ a contradiction in terms?

    Congratulations, Shauny. Any public recognition for wnp is well deserved!

  2. wooooohooo!
    I think I’ll have to make a banner saying “I Posted Comments on the Best-Kept_Secret Blog Winner while it was Still a Secret!”
    Congratulations 🙂

  3. Yeah, we’ll all be able to talk about “back in the day” BEFORE shauny was a multi-media goddess with her own underwear line and a recording contract, and all her groupies will just go “yeah, right.”

    but she will give us backstage passes to the Shauny/Radiohead gig at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and the groupies will just go “woah”.

    oh yes, it’s all up from here baby.

  4. Congratulations Shaaauuunnyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Well deserved I say. And also well done on paying off the debt! I wish I could do that… but all I seem to be able to do is make the debt-lake deeper and wider with less sluice gates. 🙁

  5. Weeeeeeehooooo. I knew you’d win. 🙂 Yer just too funky not to.

    And, whoah, Golden Boy is hot! 😛 He has that real smooth, modern look to him.. Doesn’t he?

  6. I posted a congrats comment, only it’s not here. I wonder wether I actually pressed post or just typed and then buggered off…?


  7. Who’s a pretty boy then!

    Nothing better than really owning your car – especially if it has aircon and a functioning radio and the windows don’t rattle. And you can’t see the ground through the holes in the bottom. And it doesn’t smell of dead hamburgers.

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