I want an About page. Any ideas? Whaddya want to know?

About Shauna Reid

Ahoy there! I’m an author, old school blogger, and freelance copywriter and content person. I love telling stories about life and helping my clients to tell theirs.

Find out more about me and how we can work together – I’m now booking for May 2020.

39 thoughts on “About

  1. Well, there’s this rumour that you’re a screamer, perhaps you should clear that up… not that we’ll believe you if you say ‘no’, anyway. πŸ˜‰

  2. Put those saucy pics of you that used to be in your Yahoo group up. That should get lots of hits (with appropriate keywords of course!)

  3. Favorite Bath toy. Name of childhood security blanket. Favorite Food. Favorite Alcohol. Favorite mind-numbing subject to angst over, wild eyed and spare haired, as you crouch in the corner mumbling the lords prayer and the lyrics to a Lloyd-Webber warble, randomly interpersed. Pictures of above.

  4. Isn’t there enough about you in the little ABOUT bit to the right there?

    OK, top 10 people you want to shag. (remember to include me)

  5. Um, what about a Frequently Asked Questions type thing? Just all those questions that you get asked too often and can’t be bothered to answer anymore.

  6. no, not a complete waste of time, especially for new-comers. Some background and history is good, as much as you are comfortable with. I personally as a new weblogger, like to read how a person creates their site. I have learned a lot of HTML and CSS that way. I always read the about too, before I read entries on any blog, so I have a starting point πŸ˜‰

  7. Your favorite curseword?

    Things that turn you on?

    Things that turn you off?

    Damn… I’m channeling James Lipton…

    This needs to be updated. How about things that you can say to end-up in my killfile?

  8. Um,

    Do you still have all your wisdom teeth?

    Are you, or have you ever been, a member of the Girl Guides?

    Do you like licorice?

    If you were confronted by an angry Tony Danza, what would you do?

    Have you ever attempted to ride a unicylce?

    That’ll do for starters….

  9. Just tell them what we all know: mangoes make you horny.

    Oh you might want to add a couple of other things, but that would be just padding.

    That Monkey. Just a few minutes ago she was telling me she wanted *my* body. It’s not fair!

  10. marybeth, that is the most disgusting use of Leaving A Comment Just For The Sake Of Leaving A Comment that i’ve ever seen πŸ˜›

    SJ – what kind of twee? hmm.

  11. Just write whatever you like. Start with your life story and proceed from there. It worked for me, although my about page is drivel.

    What do you think about all of these people with a physical addiction to Shauny stuff on a daily basis?

  12. I already know everything I want to know. πŸ™‚ At least you’re getting more cooperation from the Shauny army regarding questions than I did when i was compiling my Un-FAQ

  13. What’s your favorite colour, animal, vegitable, mineral, flower, tree, insect, marsupial, icecream flavour, step dance (eg: the twist), sport for playing, sport for watching, method of injuring people, part of the body, method of telling telemarketers to f**k off, marshal art, number, day of week, day of year, singer, actor, politician, other celebrety, food, drink (alcoholic), drink (non-alcoholic), drug, work of art, method of cleaning, city, country, planet, universe, piece of furnature….

    ok that’ll do. πŸ˜€

  14. Listen! I happen to have had a severe mental blockage right as I was starting to leave that note. I was all about to leave the best note known to humankind, ever, at any time and place in the universe, and then I have to go and humiliate myself on a global scale all because my brain flipped out on me, and then you, YOU! You had to go and make fun of me and rub it in. A pox upon thee!

  15. Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

    And a resume. But it dosn’t have to be a resume of jobs. It could be a resume for anything.

  16. I think a nice bit about pickled onions would be interesting. After all, it’s an *about* page, not necessarily just an *about you* page. πŸ™‚

    Seagulls are also an undercovered area.

  17. I was kidding! I know now why emoticons were invented. I should’ve used one of those smiley ones. So, everyone, I am not, repeat not, upset at Miss Shauny. I love Miss Shauny. I worship the ground she spits on. I am her bitch. She is my overlord and master. Without her my existence would be meaningless. I could not carry on without her daily heaping helping of witticisms and observations about life. She is the wind beneath my wings, the center of my universe, and my sunshine. My only sunshine. And besides, if I were really upset at her, I’d have the decency to bitch her out in private. So that’s settled.

  18. Monkey, I didn’t mention because I was trying to soothe people about my supposed fury toward Miss Shauny. Monkey, oh my Monkey, how I love thee! She is so beautiful, so perfect, so above sublime that calling her sublime is the most heinous of insults. She is poetry in human form, the embodiment of all that is perfect and pure. She likes Star Wars, she has an affinity for everything not in Orange, and she’s a delightful read. Plus she made a me a special IMSWMS banner. I loooooooove Monkey!

  19. Fave Tori Amos lyrics and brief essay on how she must live inside your head because it’s just soooo uncanny how they relate to your life exactly

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