Thank Christ for our four day Easter weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Hallelujah

  1. That’s, um, at least irreverent! hehe

    But you get a whole four days off? I think we only get three days, or maybe three and a half.

  2. My university doesn’t give any time off for any religious holidays (except the ones that fall over winter break, obviously) – so we don’t get anything off for Easter! I’m jealous!

  3. I liked the shaunyporn bit. Except I now have solid evidence to back up my claim that all webloggers are a little nuts. OK, a loy nuts. w00t!

  4. Four day Easter weekend? You’ve got to be shitting me. We Americans get ignobly poked in the posterior with a heartles middle manager’s cudgel when it comes to time off. For my own part, I had to deduct tomorrow off from my own vacation time for a three-day mass exodus to Nevada with friends, where the imbibing of beverages, spins of the roulette wheel and the wafts of first and second-hand smoke would somehow equate to a defiance of Judeo-Christian celebrations over some bearded guy pulling a Houdini from the grave. A specious plan, at best, but that never prevented anyone from trying.

    Of course, it still doesn’t address the problem. In nearly every other industrialized nation, a worker is prone to getting something like 20 days (if not a third of the year) off annually. Meanwhile, we jaded Americans must settle for 10 days because someone who laid down the rules decided that our entire lives were work-based. Is it any wonder why some of us Americans became so cynical?

    The only guaranteed vacation that an American has is when he willingly gets himself fired or is somehow extricated after the words, “Please call security” are spoken into a speakerphone. In these cases, there is usually some kind of severance pay, which means two weeks of boozing it up and wild spending sprees. Of course, this method doesn’t exactly ensure any kind of return to employment. But if one is to become ensnared within this ritualistic act three times a year, it’s easily equal to about six weeks of work, a fair bargain compared to the lack of vacation time we normally encounter.

  5. Heh. I’ve had the week off from school. Where am I? Work.

    But I’d rather thank Christ for the other bit, not the days off. I’ll have days off when I’m dead.

  6. well i have already had a damn long weekend 🙂 this is now day number 6 hehe. but like everyone else i go back to work on tuesday to slave away and do what the general public wants me to do… such is life 🙂

  7. Not “Christ” it’s the pagans who are responsible, isn’t it?

    I thought the christians just Co-opted it for their own use…

    now tell me about this again…four days in-a-row? That sounds nice. (says to self) four days in a row…what must that be like? Like two weekends back to back I would think.

    Tell me Shauny, are things open?

  8. I agree with Ed on this one. First Canberra Day and now a four-day Easter break… how great is that??

    I am taking Friday off but had to take a vac day to do it. So, I will be spending a vacation day fasting and going to church. Hmmm.

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