What the people want

I'm always saying to my sister, "Come and look at this funny thing I found on the internet."

She usually responds with "Mmmfgh", or smiles and pats me on the head. But finally last night I showed her something and she was doubled over on the couch, tears of laughter in her eyes.

It was Oliver. Oliver banished outside, Oliver pouting over his lack of bacon. And then the Oliver blooper reel featuring the most hysterical display of flying flesh you'll ever see.

So it goes to show, that's what the people want. No fancy Flash or sparkling prose, just cute doggie pics.

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9 thoughts on “What the people want

  1. Re: Bookshelves: My bookshelves are 1″x4″x6′ boards stacked on cinderblocks. The whole contraption cost me less than twenty bucks and is more portable than you’d believe. So. Yeah.

  2. “No fancy Flash or sparkling prose, just cute doggie pics.”

    Yes, but he does write some of the best prose on the Internet. The doggie snaps just give him a chance to stop writing and get some gardening done.

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