“Woo hoo”

Drugged up and a wee bit flu fuzzy. It's so tempting to just sit and watch the neighbours. I've never lived in a big apartment complex before. Everyone seems to be oblivious to all the windows. Maybe I need a big telephoto lens like Jimmy Stewart. There's some people laying on a bed drinking something. Into Temptation playing too loud on a stereo two doors down. If I just wait long enough for them to drink enough maybe they'll shag? WOO! Or maybe a screaming brawl with hurling of potted plants? Or maybe I need Grace Kelly swatting me with a Hermes handbag and that creamy voice of hers, come away from that window!

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17 thoughts on ““Woo hoo”

  1. Heh. the only time I felt exposed in my time in a tall apartment was when they had the painters going up and down right past the windows.

  2. C’mon, Shauny, they were lying on the bed. The laying part, perhaps, came later (so to speak).

  3. Every apartment I’ve ever visited in Chicago (including my fezzy own) had a set of binoculars near the window. It’s like the city issues them to you upon lease signing. Or maybe everyone I knew was weird like me.

  4. Man, now that this house next door is knocked over, I can see the house on the other side of that. It is SO grotty and they have about four sad barking dogs in a teeny pen who look into MY window and bark at me while I’m making toast in MY kitchen. Bleah.
    I would rather see people gettin in ooooonnn.

  5. well, here’s hoping things got more exciting and we finally find a way to commmunicate. damn you icq. damn you to hell.

  6. With a place like yours to live, who needs a tv? 😉

    Hello! My name’s Susan, and I’m journal surfing tonight! I jump from journal to journal through friends comments, and I just happened upon yours. And it’s awesome! I love little black pussycat; and comically, my own alias is kitykity. I hope you take a moment to stop by my own journal and say hello! G-night!

  7. Naked people!
    I tend to agree with SJ–I’d rather see people getting it oooonnnnnn than hear it. Shit. Every day around 4 p.m., my upstairs neighbors have raucous wild loud sex. For about three minutes. It’s an interesting feature of the place–my landlord ought to use that as a selling point. I know I’d have been instantly convinced. Heh.

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever actually just seen people I didn’t know having intercourse, but I’ve heard it and that’s always pretty exciting.

    Anyway, my friend Beth lives across the street from the DeLuxe apartments, and it really IS DeLuxe! There’s always girls getting dressed and undressed in front of the windows right across from her smoking deck! It’s amazing…they could charge admission to stand on that deck. Those girls are FOXY!

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