In Anticipation Of Today’s Visit From The Mothership

THE MOTHER: Oh! Shauna! Remind me to tell you about The Pork!

SHAUNA: The Pork?

M: Ohhh yes. The Pork. The Pork I had at Neila the other night.

S: Ah yes.

M: You've never had anything like The Pork! It was simply an orgasmic dining experience! Orgasmic!


S: Hey, remind me not to remind you about The Pork.

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11 thoughts on “In Anticipation Of Today’s Visit From The Mothership

  1. “Shauna: The Pork?”

    Ok, here’s your mistake: not deflecting the pork reference immediately, causing the mothership to assume you are interested. Better replies would include:

    “Shauna: Yeah, yeah”

    “Shauna: Whatever.”

    “Shauna: Ok. Hey, what’s that?” (point to something)

    Whew! Good thing you asked us in time to prevent a catastrophe!

  2. Agree with Monkey. If my mother even said the word “orgasmic”, I think I’d fall on the floor. Mind you, my mother is almost 83…but still…it’s a mother thing.

  3. I’ll bet $1,000 right now that that’s one word I’ll never hear my own sainted mother say. Actually I’ll bet she’s never said it at all under any circumstances.

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