This here Pussycat page is two years old today. Can you believe I've been crapping on for two whole years? Surely I will run out of things to say soon. I'll be calling up The Mothership and asking, "So. Done anything funny lately?"

There was going to be a redesign and other birthday goodness, but these things never work out as planned. Oh well.

I am so disturbed by that freakytown featherless chicken. What's next? Are they going to breed a headless footless model? That'll save even more money! Or how about chooks emerging from the egg already encrusted in the eleven secret herbs and spices?

So, here is the very first Pussycat entry.

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25 thoughts on “Purrday

  1. happy blogversary! and may you have many more, being showered with love and links by slavering minions!

    (oh, you didn’t miss anything on sunday. wil was a capital ‘d’ dickhead. he called things ‘phat’ without any kind of irony. then he proceeded to call ‘in blue’ sweet. gawd)

  2. Happy Birthday to your blog! 😀

    Two years of crapping on – you must’ve written a novel’s worth!

    Are you still working on the redesign, and whatever the other stuff is?

    And yes, those headless chickens – I mean, naked chickens, they, um, don’t seem to be such a good idea. Specially as sunlight makes them fall over. But the daftest such thing I heard of was of Aussie scientists cloning rabbits!

    Anyway, hope you continue to enjoy blogging!

  3. Happy happy happy birthday birthday birthday, happy happy happy birthday happy birthday! Happy birthday birthday, birthday happy happy, happy birthday happy, birthday birthday happy!

    Happy birthday, wnp!

  4. Congratulations on two fun-filled years of marvellous prose.
    May there be many more to come.


  5. Well done Shuany. How on earth do you do it? I’m at three months, and I really struggle to come up with content, yet everytime I visit “wnp?” I come away with a smile. That’s some talent you’ve got there.

  6. Time does fly when we’re having fun. Most excellent blog, for which I humbly thank you in the hope it will continue, time without end.

  7. Maybe you should list publishing credits, like Bermuda Shorts. You’ve been published by an international company! And if you’d come up with some content I bet you’d get published again! Hint hint!

  8. I’m not going to post a congrats because that is shallow and weak. Instead you get this picture:

    ENJOY!! … congrats.

  9. Wooo hooo, congrats on the two years, girl! I had my two-year anniversary in April, but it seems like a lifetime ago.

    Time flies when you’re having fun and have so much to bitch about. Bwaha.

    By the way, thanks for the link over there, I didn’t even notice it until today! LOL!

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