Taste the Rainbow of Rejection

I would just like to say that this whole thanks but no thanks you're too inexperienced not confident enough too overqualified not as good as that guy over there too tall short browneyed twolegged for this position caper is getting very tired very fucking quickly!

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21 thoughts on “Taste the Rainbow of Rejection

  1. Two legs? Gods, it’s not wonder nobody hires you. You need to stand out more in the crowd – try an artificial leg!

  2. Yeah, its a giant suck machine. I have a friend who has a large expandable filer thingy full, full of rejection letters he’s got over the past 12 years. Not that he’s been unemployed that long, but just on and off and looking along the way. Sometimes you get dream runs where everyone seems to want to pay you money, and other times its like fishing where there ain’t fish.

  3. Yes, dye your hair purple and get a badly-botched nose job, then pierce it, and get a tongue ring, and wear those colored contacts that look like Darth Maul’s eyes. That will get you a job in any day-care.

  4. If you are gorgeous,horny and v.tantric i am interested..i live in that mad,mad megopolis -Sydney

  5. Just barge in and yell “WHO DO YOU HAVE TO ROOT TO GET A JOB HERE?” and watch carefully to see who reacts.

    Alternatively, you could go for the Fight Club method of securing a job…

    Your choice!

  6. Anyway, hang in there, something will come up.

    Me, I’ve been learning to use the berscanner at work. That’s sort of amusing.

  7. Become a vulture – that is probably the most effective method.

    It is similar to a New Yorkers approach to finding an apartment. Maybe read the obituaries?

  8. Um, sorry, Miss Shauny. I’m responsible for at least one of those rejections. They went with someone in-house! I can’t help it! I’m so sorry! please forgive me? I’m a baaaad Monkey, and I deserve to be smacked.

  9. I know what you mean. Just think of it as a number games – the more rejections you get, the closer your getting to that job offer.

  10. Kristy’s got a good point.

    What’s the average number of applications for each job? Apply to that many jobs, and you should have a good chance of getting offered one. All else being equal, that is.

    I just hope it’s not something like four hundred applications for each job!

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