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I'm on the phone with Shauna right now…yes, right as I speak I'm here blogging on HER blog (the sacrilege!) while I sit here in Seattle, Washington, she's in Canberra, the capitol of Australia, lying in bed. She says she's contemplating blogicide if she can't think of anything to post. So, she's soliciting ideas. She the promises to consolidate all of your suggestions into a singly, wacky (I'm quite sure it will be wacky) post. Examples: "Shauny we haven't heard about Mr. Shakey II recently, write about him!" or, "I like it when you use a bunch of weird Australian terms, like 'root rat' and 'stunned mullet'… use some of those in your wacky post." And don't forget to visit Shauna over at my blog, the tinyblog from the 14th to the 24th, where she will be guest curating whilst I go on retreat. Commence with your suggestions. That is all.

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22 thoughts on “Consolidated post of great wackiness

  1. Blogicide?!?!? Nooooo!!!!!

    But if Shauny’s had enough of blogging, then fair enough.

    As for suggestions for blogging, how about…

    * Favourite expletives, and most disliked expletives, and why.

    * Pros and cons of blogging, and online journalling generally.

    * What Canberrans really think of the Carillon on Aspen Island – and does it play tunes these days?

    * Where, if anywhere, we Shauny Groupies can go to get more Shauny goodness if blogicide is committed (once the stint at the tinyblog is done, that is) – and whether or not there are support organisations if there is to be no new Shauny goodness on the web.

    * Again, if blogicide is committed, who Shauny thinks the new Queen or King of Canberran blogging ought to be.

  2. I would like to see a discourse on the merits of European dance music v. American Hair Metal of the 1980’s.

    With footnotes, citations and pictures of Axl Rose setting himself on fire.

    Thank you.

  3. Rather than suggest a topic, I will employ a theatresport technique – write an entry in a particular genre.

    1930’s film noir, Shakespeare, spaghetti western. You decide.

    “Forsooth, Axl, thy burning tresses doth inflame my lust such that I must lob petrol onto the fire.”

  4. aw…Shauny, if your tired then take a break. If your sick, get some sleep. (feed a cold, starve a flu) If your hungry, eat and if your thirsty drink.

    don’t give in to the pressures brought on by needy people like myself who go half-way around the world just to see if you’ve written anything funny so we can start our day with a laugh and hang around your comments area like a dog looking for scraps.

    (…or is that too bleak?)

    Just because your funny, doesn’t mean your obligated.

    I kind of feel like if you take care of yourself the posts will come all by themselves.

    Oh…and thanks to you I won a free cup of coffee. The trivia question was what’s the capital of Australia. 🙂

    (lets just say that geography is not one of our strong suits here in the states)

  5. Starve a cold, feed a fever…

    Go try to shag Brodie on Sunday night.

    Get some rest, girlie. Both from rl and from blogging.

    (PS. If you go forever, then I’ll have to be the Grand High Poobah of Canberra blogging. And that would be sad. Don’t do it to these poor people.)

  6. Nothing to write about? There’s ALWAYS something to write about. With that in mind, I will flip through this sadly inadequate abridged dictionary currently at my side (which I did not purchase, but is here) and submit some phantasmagoric topics based off of the random words I pick out of this terrible representative tome of the English languge.

    Fingers flying:

    MOCHA is the first word I land on. This leads me to believe that you should right about the beverages you consume on a daily basis, whether you have broken the routine, the various receptacles that they can be found in and chronicle the discernible differences between Australian beverages and beverages that you may find in other countries. Tell me: is there a certain classism with beverages down there? How omnipresent are certain brand names? You have one feverish reader here who would love to peruse a 5,000 word report on this from your hands! And if that’s too much, why not approach this in installments? Fresh from the field! Copious research! Bring a tape recorder and get the words of others! Tell us about beverages! Write the tell-all article that conveys to the world precisely what the Australian stance is on mochas, beverages and more!

    WORD NO. 2:

    The finger lands on FEE. I don’t particularly like the word “fee” because I’ve always been on the wrong end of it. But are there any ridiculous fees that the Australian government imposes that you could enlighten us savage Americans about? Have you deliberately not paid a fee? And did the bill collectors come after you? Have friends imposed a fee? Can you get through one day without paying so much as a fee anymore? Why not try that?

    WORD NUMERO TRES! The finger flies, randomly hitting the page. And I get RESIDUUM. What was the last lingering trace of human existence that you encountered on the streets? And how did it make you feel? Disgusted that your fellow humans disposed of something in that matter? Disheartened that when you came back 24 hours later the residuum stayed there?

    I think the point I’m trying to make here, Shauny, is that there are all sorts of things to write about. If, however, you are burned out, there is no particular reason to force it out. Why not impose a short hiatus, get yourself up to speed and then return to the Web world of the living? BLOGICIDEs (the horror! the horror!) are not really necessary, will make some of us cry and, should you do this, it will take me at least nine months to find another blog to post longass comments to. And that’s something I can’t really devote to anyone else but you, dahling.

  7. if you like i shall send you some of my mothers super extra happy fun dal for colds. hot enough to blow any cold out of your head in 2.3 seconds.

    i could also send you alex from bb carrying a packet of tim tams and a ‘do not disturb’ sign.

    oh, and i think we all know that, heaven forfend, should you decide that this blogging lark is all too much, i shall be the queen of canbera bloggers. despite the fact that i don’t technically have a blog.

  8. Wow there are some talented writers amongst y’all.

    Shauny…what’s up petal?

    Brain drain I doth think.

    But maybe you need to get yourself outside and experience life. Do something because those experiences will feed your soul and your soul will feed your brain and your brain will…awww you get the picture.

  9. i think you should write something more about your mum. my favourite journal entry of yours is still the one about the onions in the freezer. now im going to go thru your wishlist and maybe get you something cause ive loved your writing so much for a while now.

  10. Panos has the right idea! Come on, everyone, let us buy things for Shauny so we may bribe her into, um, feeling better! Yes! Surely she will be unsick once we buy her presents!

  11. Lovely. I write the post and Shauna gets all the comments. What’s up with that.

    Okay first order of business is this your/you’re thing. Darling Slack, even though you write a ‘sporadic diatribe of trailer-park reality’, and even thought you wrote a really kind comment, it’s important for you to know that people are not going to be able to have much respect for your writing when you use ‘your’ when you really mean ‘you’re’.

    You’re: is a contraction. It means ‘you are’. So in effect you are saying “If you are tired, rest.” But shortened…so it sounds like human speech.

    Your: is the 2nd person possesive. You use it when you are referring to something that belongs to the person you are addressing. Example: Is that your unabridged dictionary?

    So if you say, if YOUR tired, rest…then when people read it, they are trying to find out what is being possessed, and when they don’t find it in the sentence, it is confusing. It interupts the flow of the reading, which is something you really always want to avoid when you are writing. You want it to flow like a smooth, seamless dream. So it’s not just literary snobbery…it’s something you can apply to make your ‘sporadic diatribes of trailer-park reality’ more enticing.

  12. Daniel! What a malarvellous post. And hasn’t Shauny just got the cutest accent?

    OK that’s enough comment for you Daniel. 🙂

    Shauny, rest up. I’ll come over and bother you if you like. That’s if you are at home, and I hope you are if you’re sick.

    And write what you damn well want to, when you want. You know we’ll all be here for you.

    Does the Carillion still play songs? If anybody knows, you would.

  13. To paraphrase Steve Martin “I was born a poor black child”

    Thank you all for your “Kind” help in letting me know that I am a poor speller. Somehow I have managed to go though my ENTIRE life with no one mentioning that particular fact! (dripping sarcasm)

    But I can see not a day will go by without the eagle eye of the Canberra “cartel” pulling out their abridged dictionaries they stole from grammar school (or is it “grammars”?) and crusading for justice against improper usage of “you’re”.

    Thank god I didn’t say “their”!


  14. Oh…and Daniel, anyone who would equate good spelling with respectable writing…

    what can I say…there are plenty of poor spellers out there who are very respectable writers. They just have better editors than I do. 🙂

  15. now now, kiddies! stop yer fussin’ and feudin’!

    i love you all equally, in spite of grammatical errors and pettiness!

    except i possibly love Ed more coz he leaves the biggest comments 😛

    anyway, thanks for all the suggestions. it wasn’t really a blogging crisis, more just me being sick and delirious and in need of virtual huggles.

  16. Shauny: Kiss kiss! You’re back! And here I was willing to declare myself an Eva Braun for your Adolf, should you commit the final solution.

    As for respectable writing? You’re kidding me, Daniel. In a comment pop-up window? Someone give me a slatterny unabridged dictionary to sleep with. The Webster’s bitch on my bed is just too much of a lexicon next door type.

  17. Wow, I guess I’m late to the throng here. What a lot of posts and bickering…

    Shauna, obviously people love YOUR writing, so now that YOU’RE feeling better, I hope, let’s hear more about YOUR dreams, if you’ve had any lately, that is.

    I love keeping a dream journal, it’s fun to go way back and see what was up in your sleeping cranium a couple years back. Mine tend to be pretty wild and crazy – especially on the full moon.

    Do I get an A for grammer?

    I vote for naked Daniel, too.

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