Jailhouse Rock

Life is so pathetic sometimes that it just becomes fucking hilarious. Let's all go out tonight for some vodkalicious action, yes?

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15 thoughts on “Jailhouse Rock

  1. Ahh, life’s being crap, huh?

    Life can be terribly pathetic. What was it Woody Allen said? “How can I believe in a supreme being when only the other day I got my tongue caught in typewriter?” (Yes, that’s almost certainly a misquote.)

    Can’t join you down the pub (well, not in time for tonight, anyway), but as well as having a shot of vodka to mark Monkey’s good bit of news, I’ll have another shot of vodka for you, so that however else life’s being pathetic, you’ll get that new job 🙂

  2. wazzup, miss shauny?

    i would come out tonight but i am working on my psych report – ie printing off any vaguely relevant looking journal article in the hopes that it might somehow spark the academic muse within. (*tangent* just read the most_self important_abstract_ever, but that’s another story */tangent*).

    either way, we’ll be heading out tomorrow night, anyway.

    i send hugs and tim tams out over the tangled web of the internet.

    and yay for monkey! go super employment getting monkey!

    *tangent* simon, you’re from canberra?!?!

  3. i have vodka! it was a housewarming present given to me eight months ago and i don’t think it’s even been opened, because i stopped drinking. such a good girl i am 😉

  4. Already onto my 5th watermelon Bacardi Breezer and I haven’t even left the house yet! Will be down the pub momentarily. You are going to The Railway in Crawley, West Sussex aren’t you?

  5. Tonight I will have to do it, although I can’t promise I will drink alcohol with you. I can stand next to you and cheer!

  6. Let’s sing it, kids…

    The warden threw a party in the county jail.

    The prison band was there and they began to wail…

    Spider Murphy played the tenor saxophone,

    Little Joe was blowin’ on the slide trombone.

    The drummer boy from Illinois went crash, boom, bang…

    whoa. No shit. I didn’t know he could play the drums.

  7. I drank some mead tonight. It was in your honor. Sure. Also it was a toast to the patheticness of life.


  8. Oh poor Shaunmeister. Don’t worry. We’ll get drunk soon. I promise, on my honor as a jedi, we’ll be pissed before the day is out.

  9. Some friend was telling me today about Roman Holiday, and I told har abotu you and about how it was your favorite movie. I guess I’d better rent it already.

    Sorry I was so incoherent when you called. I had only had about 3 hrs of sleep, had spent most of the night drinking wine and just was not coherent. Of course you can call anytime.

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