Try anything twice

I just bought two tickets to see Gomez at the Hordern in July. WOOHOO! Last time was wonderful as I’m sure it will be this time around. Ahhh. Life is sweeter than a family block of Cadbury’s.

P.S. It seems noone will agree that the Spiderman movie is a steaming pile of turds. What’s wrong with me?

P.P.S. We had a mini-holiday this weekend that I wanted to tell you about but now I am really, really sick and can’t talk without sounding like some trashy call now, big boy phone line and I feel brokenhearted and lonely and grumpy and I’ve lost any ability to write decently and I am photocopying in my sleep.

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13 thoughts on “Try anything twice

  1. Why, with that much sweetness, it’s a wonder it doesn’t turn sour from being SO saturated with sweetness that it does a 180–kind of like how if you go far enough east, you’ll wind up heading west.

  2. woohoo!

    found out yesterday my boy bought tickets to see gomez the day i arrive as a birthday pressie. one more reason to be ecstatic about leaving this country.
    2 years ago was so good.

    now the only thing i worry about is plane delay: the concert starts 2 hours after i should be touching melbourne ground.

  3. This is going to sound really ignorant of me, but what do Gomez sound like? I have to admit that I don’t actually know what sort of music they do! Perhaps I should see if they have any MP3s.

    It occurs to me that there wouldn’t be much greater emphasis of the difference between virtual online stuff, and offline, in person stuff, than when it comes to concerts. How could a virtual concert possibly compare to going to a live one? They seem like opposite extremes.

    Not that that has anything much to do with buying tickets for a Gomez concert. Just a thought that stuck me.

  4. simon, they sound absolutely bloody awesome live. it’s a band where you *feel* in the audience that they’re having a fabulous time playing their concerts.

    shauny: will be there till end of sept, so hope you’ll make your way to melb. before then. otherwise, i might be making a trip to see that boring… äh.. interesting captial city, too, or rather stop over when on the dreaded train to syd. would be thrilled to catch up with you. no matter where. 🙂

  5. I thought Spidey was a lot of fun and that was about it… but that was also enough for me. Also it had lots of eye-feasting cinematography I thought, in the same way Alien 3 did.

    Hello again!

  6. Shauny! I lurve you. I was just offline today, and I didn’t have anything to say about Gomez.

    It’s nice that I’m not the only one who starts getting those feelings that everyone hates them the minute the comments slow down, lol.

    And I finished About A Boy… great stuff. There was one line, about starting a support group so they could all sit around and talk bitterly about bikinis, etc. Hilarious.

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