Morning Glory

In the car, listening to the Oasis J-File.

Hi, this is Peter from Perth and I was wondering if you could play Some Might Say. I always said loved rock'n'roll but before Oasis I could never say I had a favourite band. They really got me through my university days, man. And this song is one of the greatest rock songs of all time. The guitars just go right through you like a chainsaw for days afterwards…

"This song is not one of the greatest rock songs of all time."

"I agree. The guitars aren't going right through me like a chainsaw. A butter knife at the very most."

"I never was an Oasis fan."

"Well Definitely Maybe was a good album."

"I liked What's The Story Morning Glory. But then the Mothership started saying 'What's the story, morning glory?' instead of 'So what's new?' on the phone because she thought it was cool and it really wasn't bloody cool at all."

"My big problem with Oasis is that Noel Gallagher is too freaking lazy to write a second verse. Every bloody song, he trots out a nice opener then it's second verse, same as the first! Like Wonderwall. Todaaaay's gonna be the day… and then a chorus later, todaaaay's still gonna be the freaking day!"

"Now that's just sheer laziness!"

"I know! I've got half a novel sitting beside my bed, and if I was to apply the Noel Gallagher Theory of Writing I should say to myself, 'No need to write the other half! I'll just photocopy this and add it to the pile and send it to the publisher and voila!'"

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23 thoughts on “Morning Glory

  1. dont forget that theres always the other extreme.. like progressive rock or metal.. ‘journey’ or ‘dream theatre’ anyone? 6 completely different verses, 2 guitar solos and a chorus that manages to build on its epicness even when its not actually playing. now *that* can get annoying.

    but yes, i see what you mean. and i hate it when bands are lazy, especially after 6 years of trying to write good music myself. eh.

  2. Well, it does have a good beginning, and I wouldn’t mind reading it twice.

    (Want to read the rest now! Let me! *pander*)

  3. damn it! i want the j-files. we don’t have anything like that here, though my hometown — athens, ga. — does get a shout-out by the folks at j-files. damn.

  4. In the Blur/Oasis debate, I was always a Blur girl. Loved the quote Liam once made about his ex-wife Pats, how he can’t remember why he married her cos the last 6 years were a blank or something. Classy.

  5. Noel gallagher trick is that he changes 3 or 4 words in the second verse, so they can say they aren’t repeating themselves.

  6. did anyone here tug dumbly’s oasis piss take on breakfast this morning? ‘jerking class hero’? almost as brilliant as his nick cave piss take.

    i could see noel’s technique working for you, shauny. call it ‘progressive.’

  7. Blur – good
    Oasis – will be looked back in some wonderment about how the became (self-proclaimed) biggest band in the world.
    At best Noel Gallagher writes simple poprock songs. At worst Liam Gallagher is a whining, arrogant sod who I would happily punch for no reason (and I’m not usually a violent man!)
    I’m suprised no-one has mentioned the Beatles yet in a comment though (ohh I just have…)

  8. im sure noone wants to make the association between the beatles and oasis.. i dont think the remaining beatles would appreciate being mentioned in the same sentence, although i just did it

    in any case, i thought id comment again to mention that there is a truly awful photo of me at my friend’s last halloween party up on my wensite right now. im drunk and im dressed up as he-man. ahem.

  9. The Gallagher brothers have been trying to communicate to the world that they are the Davies brothers. This is a silly regularity that has been going on for some time. How else do you explain their appalling behavior? (See for details.)

    These two turkeys have the temerity to name their biggest hit after a George Harrison album, only to diss the Beatles in an interview. They fight all the time. And they remain convinced that a volcanic explosion will burst from the earth’s crust should they be in close proximity for more than a few days.

    Ray Davies may have been a drunk, Dave Davies may have been a conspiracy freak (in fact, what the hell happened to Dave’s mind over the past fifteen years?), and the Davies brothers may have fought more intensely than two Titans wrestling over Canberra, complete with competitive autobiographies. But they never dissed other bands, nor did they engage in the kind of outright theft that Oasis has shafted to British pop bands over the past few decades. Besides, Embrace is a better band, sort of that Oasis sound with a bit of the Beta Band thrown in. I dislike Embrace, however, when they dwindle into sappy ballads.

    And, Shauny, you may be onto something with the novel comparison. Oasis would write better songs if they stopped pretending to be the Musical Mongoloid Twins, turning out music that isn’t nearly as honed as it could be.

    Also, kick Liam out of the band. He seems to be the one that causes most of the trouble. And Noel can sing just as well as Liam, if not better. Does anybody remember that MTV Unplugged special in which Liam pulled some Sunset Blvd. shit, leaving Noel to carry the band? I do, and man, Noel was BETTER than Liam. Less full of himself, intriguingly rough.

    MB: Novel #1? Why do I get the sense now that Shauny is going to head to the Bizarro universe and hang a sign around her novel in progress that reads “Bizarro Novel #1”?

  10. Some might say Oasis are fucking in the bushes, but they definitely maybe write up a champagne supernova now and then. D’you know what I mean?

    Blur v. Oasis: I loved both of them. And Pulp. Britpop forever!

  11. I’ve gotta agree with rory’s comment about champagne supernova. It’s one to get wistful with, that tune.

  12. i stumbled upon this weblog looking for dempsey photos and i’ve come accross the most refreshingly funny prose i’ve read in a long time! Kudos to you Shauny! where’s the book eh?

    (oasis remarks left internal mind for good reason..heh)

  13. Britpop forever indeed. Although I do think that, hookliciousness aside, Oasis come in a distant third behind Blur and Pulp (I’m a Blurist: Parklife is, for me, the ne plus ultra of the genre). Which bands did in fact write actual songs about actual things. I don’t think that I can think of a single Oasis song which is not, as somebody once noted in the Village Voice, about “their own meteoric rise to the top” — or, I’ll add, a simple collection of vaguely decadent phrases (“where were you when we were getting high” etc.) strung together in a sort of lazy gesture at “lyrics.”

    This is not to denigrate the ability to write choruses that are instantly memorable. But that’s all the Gallaghers have, besides a weak-ass strut.

    Or: what Shauny said!

  14. Bill’s right about Parklife.

    I bought Heathen Chemistry last night, and it’s not bad. In fact, it’s their best since Morning Glory. But it does sound a little too… shall we say… familiar.

  15. I picked up Definately Maybe at Smack Converters for $6, and at that price it’s worth a listen. Some good sounds on that record, and you can almost forget it’s Oasis. As for their song writing, well I’ve tried to learn some of their songs on the guitar, and they all seem to use almost the same chords in the same chord progression. “Cast No Shadow” is almost identical to “Wonderwall”.

  16. Oasis are much better then blur. no disrespect to blur there quite good but not as good as Oasis

  17. You all know that oasis are, always were, and probably always will be, the best band in the world. Who cares about the complexity or simplicity of a song, all that matters is that it works. Look at all these crap mosher bands for instance. They all sound exactly the same and all the lead singers sing in the same way. Ah, today’s youth are so easily lead. They are either spoon-fed pop music or forced into heavy metal because they don’t fit in. Thank God for the likes of Oasis, Stereophonics, Coldplay, The Coral, Kings of Leon, The Strokes and not forgetting Starsailor. BRMC are soundin good too. Trust me, change your music taste to the above and things are bound to become cool again. Mad fer it forever.

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