Everybody Kicks Raymond

Recently there was alarm raised over the copious amounts of Everybody Loves Raymond screened on Network Ten, the people's network.

This here website has often been dismissed as lacking in real substance and not tackling the big issues. But this is all about to change with my first foray into political action, the Everybody Is Shitted Off By Raymond petition.

I represent a ferocious lobby group that is committed to stopping this senseless saturation. The petition is going strong and currently has one (1) signature.

Once we've gathered more support, we plan to harass Rove McManus or Bert Newton or any other of Network Ten's galaxy of stars until the madness stops. Please help.

UPDATE: 43 58 91 signatures! Holy crap on a stick! This is great guys. Please spread the word! World domination can be ours! I mean, um, a few more signatures and I might send it all off to Channel 10.

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45 thoughts on “Everybody Kicks Raymond

  1. luckily, my current residential status in england, plus lack of television, mean i’ve never seen the show. but i trust you shauny. consider it signed!

  2. How can they say there is a trade deficit here in the good old U.S. of A.? Don’t they understand that it’s not the quantity but the QUALITY that counts?

    …Then again…maybe they do. blech!

    I just wish it was like the old days when we could ship your country things and that would be the last we’d see of them. Now when we send you over a “quality” export like Raymond, it doesn’t even really leave our shores. We, like you, are also forced to watch endless reruns on back-wash channels until our eyes start to water and hair starts to fall out from sheer boredom.

    Is this the stinky underwear drawer of globalization?

  3. Unfortunately, living in Canada, I have no influence over the network powers-that-be in Australia. But I share your pain, Sister. In fact, you have inspired me to start my very own Everyone Is Shitted Off By Raymond petition for Channel Four Buffalo, which has decided that Raymond is its new spokesperson. Or so it seems from its incessant Raymond reruns. Stop the insanity! next on the list? Give Tim “the Toolman” Taylor the Axe.

    By the way, your site completely and absolutely ROCKS.

  4. SPEAKING OF AUSTRALIA…You have one of the most grating TV imports ever in a show called something like “the Wiggles” it’s a kiddie show that my boy likes that makes Barney look like a punk thug.

    Just thought I’d share with the group.

  5. did you know that you can buy a video called Wiggly Safari in which Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin rocks out with The Wiggles? I am almost tempted to buy it.

  6. then again…perhaps there might be a song or two I could play at our next gig…

    “I’m a rocker…
    I rock out.”


  7. I, too, hate Raymond. I do not love him at all. So I signed your petition, even though I live in the States. Plus, I’m sure 11 signatures looks WAY more impressive than 10.

  8. Mm. Never seen it. I did see a Got Milk ad that had the whole Raymond family in it and I was shitted on sight. It looks like they’re not nice to the mopey guy. Why isn’t anyone nice to the mopey guy?

  9. Hate Raymond. Whenever the stupid ad comes on our TV, we turn to each other and say something along the lines of “well I don’t love raymond, does that mean they have to change the title? Why can’t the title of the show be “everyone wants to smash raymond’s stupid face in with a ball peen hammer”?”

    petition signed, link blogged.

    I love Miss Shauny. Maybe there should be a show called “Everybody loves Miss Shauny”

  10. Yes, this shits me off no end. And also the endless procession of self-important hyped up US law dramas. They shit me too. Let me at that petition!

  11. “Everybody Loves Raymond” reminds me way too much of Mr. Bill from SNL in the seventies. I’d love it if Raymond belted out a shrill “OH NOOOOOO!” when Mr. Hands came and sheared off Deborah’s nagging head.

  12. I’ve never seen it, but I’m sure this is a worthy cause. And “shitted off” makes me laugh. I therefore declare that I, too, am thoroughly shitted off by Raymond.

  13. Buy that Wiggly Safari video for me. 🙂

    I try to ignore Raymond, but hell, it infiltrates the house regardless. Killkillkill.

  14. Raymond is my Dad’s name and my brother’s middle name. We all experience an odd love/hate relationship (don’t ask).

    Bottom line: they irritate me almost as much as their TV’s namesake.

    Consider your petition cyber-signed by me, and then again under a few thousand different aliases!

  15. Why won’t Raymond die? Why aren’t channel 10 at least embarassed that they spent all their money on such a flop? They advertise day and night with the same ‘snoop motzy-mozart’ line which wasn’t funny 6 months ago.

    A true and noble cause, Miss Shauners. I’ll sign it just as soon as I can get to the site.

  16. aha! I delurked… Yes the show sucks. I could handle the simpsons 8 times a week (it’s actually funny) but Everybody loves Raymond is painful.

  17. Two years ago I was on a plane to Italy and Alitalia insisted on showing, as part of the in-flight entertainment, a “special” episode of ELR in which the entire clan takes a vacation to…Italy, of course.

    I had never really watched the show, but curiosity and post-bad-dinner lassitude encouraged me to put on the plastic headphones and check out the scene on the tiny screens.

    Such an ugly spectacle of a horribly unhappy family torturing one another with grim Borscht-Belt putdowns or simply erupting into a kind of vile, petty bickering.

    I hated them all with a perfectly equal loathing. The appeal of the show is so utterly lost on me that I fear, whenever I see the commercials for the now-endless reruns in syndication, that there is some fundamental error in the human condition. Like the same thing that makes people like Creed or Debarge.

  18. Thankyou Miss Shauny, someone had to take a stand against this cruel and inhuman punishment. I refuse to take in the arse from Ch. 10 any longer.

  19. I hate RAYMOND!
    That show is the worst piece of shit I have seen.
    I swear to god that every episode is the same. Its always “Ray does something stupid, Debrah bitches, Ray tries to cover the mistake up, Debrah bitches, Parents come over, they bitch and Debrah bitches…” you get the idea.
    Do they have any love for each other?
    And OMG the long pause of laughter after Ray/Ray’s brother says a one-liner. It’s like a minute. Where’s the petition, I’ll sign.

  20. Well, I am so glad I found some like-minded people. I detest ELR. In particular R. He is the most annoying, repulsive, narrow-minded, shit-faced, mama’s boy I’ve ever seen in my entire live.

    I am sitting here and can’t even think of anything to say about this monkey faced, ass-brained, shit-face.

    I think I made my point.

  21. Everyone hates ramen sucks. I’m so hatefull of the show that I just did a search on the internet which brought me to this site. I searched for “everyone loves raymond sucks”. It was strange because I found a whole page of sites that are FAVORABLE to the show before I found thsi site. It really really makes me wonder. It REALLY does. I mean, do people ACTUALLY enjoy this show? Or is it a big lie from CBS to keep getting sponsors? EVERYONE I know says the show sucks. no one I know watches it. And indeed it does suck. THe first time I watched it I saw this raymond guy acting like a little boy to who seemed to be his mother, by the way she was talking to him. After a while I figured out that was his wife. Maybe it’s a Oedipus complex that interests some people in this show?? that’s my only guess.

  22. On the other hand, what TV shows don’t suck?? hmm, that’s a hard question. All shows today fall into several categories:
    1) poor copies of seinfeld (friends, 3rd rock, etc)
    2) queer shows (Frazier, Ellen, etc)
    3) rehash of old 80’s shows (Becker, CSI, )
    4) reality shows that are only good for a few episodes before they get stale and you need a new reality idea.

    why can’t people create decent shows anymore? there’s no creativity anymore, and I think it stems from the influence of the political correctness culture.

  23. I agree with all of you people! My dad and sister think ELR is pretty funny and I almost scream everytime it’s on! It’s soooo repetitive and stupid. I think they’re all such shallow characters, Robert always feels sorry for himself and so does Ray. Debra hate’s Ray’s parents and bitches, Maree just cleans and nags and then the father just nags Maree to cook. It’s so stupid and I would most most certainly go completely insane if I watched one full episode of this ridiculous crap.

  24. What you have to understand is people who actually enjoy Everybody Loves Raymond have a low threshold for what they consider funny. We commonly refer to this…defficiency, as “easily entertained.” In reality the show is absolutely stupid. It’s disgusting to think that shows like Raymond are praised and rewarded. Curb Your Enthusiasm and Family guy. Two examples of real comedy. I’ve made myself watch Raymond, and every time, I sit with a blank expression on my face, often falling into day dreams about my girlfriend wearing lingerie, sliding my hand down her thighs, pulling aside her panties and touching…..well, anyway. I just can’t get over how DUMB Raymond is and how bland the jokes are. It’s pathetic. Die Raymond. Please, just die.

  25. Raymod is fine. Its his T.V. show that sucks. Seriously. Its a bunch of malcontents constantly arguing wtih eachother. The characters aren’t loveable and if you empathize with them, then you are as sick as the rest of the viewing public that consumes this domestic strife. Nonsense. Pure nonsense.

  26. I LOVE Everyone loves raymond and I think its a really good show for many people that have a borening life like me. I laugh and I cry and enjoy everyone on the show expecially raymond and his brother.


  27. Everyone loves raymond is a good show, not the best, the jokes are reparative, however it’s still a funny show. Its good to have a different type of comedy than normal shown on tv.

  28. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck ray romano and his shitzone television show. it is truly a disease on television and yes-stupid people are easily entertained

  29. In the UK Raymond was shown at 08:00 in the morning, I was under the impression that this 10th rate pile of facieses was just some old low budget crap that they churned out to fill air time, not the top Emmy award winning comedy of the US of A. I hate it so much. It has been responsible for some of my worst morning rage (so much so that I stopped watching it).

    While thinking about this yesterday, I decided to do something about it, my new web page

  30. Amen sister.

    Everybody Loves Raymond is perhaps the worst mainstream show ever to be endorsed by and free-to-air channel.

    It stuns me to think that a TEAM of writers actually have to work to come up with the tardy witticisms that come out of that family’s mouth.

    Woman: Were you playing golf?

    Man: I like golf, lets have sex.

    Woman: Have sex with golf.

    And that was probably of higher quality than the actual show. If this is any reflection on the tasted of contemporary society… Shame.

  31. Raymond is shown in Australia at 7pm weeknights.This is Ten’s Low Cost Piece of budget crap trying to compete with Temptation and Home and Away in the same timeslot,Some people find it funny,Give me an intellectual Quiz Show over this rubbish,Not a Big Fan of the show even though I have seen a couple of episodes on a Qantas Flight recently between Brisbane and Cairns(I was connecting from Adelaide) and returning from Cairns to Sydney and Sydney to Adelaide.I do not know what it is with Ten and American Repeats,We are spared from them for about twelve weeks every year with Big Brother but for the other forty we are stuck with them.If It was up to me I would get ELR scrapped off the air and Bring back Con the Fruiterer in a new series of his Bewdiful Home Videos or soemthing fresh new and exciting.This is an americanised version of Mother and Son.

  32. Evryybody loves raymond is fuckin shit… being in England I get to see some of the quality USA shows like frasier, and maybe things like 2 and a half men / king of queens.. they are watchable… but Raymond is a step too far… absolute crap.. the characters are terrible with ray himself being the most irritating whinny faggot on TV and his brother… whats the deal? is he taking the piss out of retards or what? RUBBISH ban this piss weak jewish humour

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