Everybody Loves Victory

The Australians among you may have noticed something wonderful on their television screens in recent weeks: Channel Ten have reduced screenings of Everybody Loves Raymond from eight to just three episodes a week!

The biggest travesty was ELR‘s domination of the precious 7 pm timeslot. And now it’s gone! No more baritone brother, no more meddling mother.

This is a triumph of the people, I tells ya. I didn’t actually get around to sending the petition to Channel Ten, but I am sure they heard our message, somehow. Right? Among the 146 protesters, there were some memorable comments:

Everybody Loves Raymond is a shrill pseudo-comedy.” – Adam

“Boo Raymond, however ensure said programming is not replaced with equally unfunny Australian attempt at sitcom.” – Jeb

“Channel 10 is my favorite station – but not for long.” – Kristian

“Eyes glazed over” – Helen

“I break out in hives.” – Saigonsam

“I unplug my tv every night at 7, just to make sure I don’t see any.” – Si

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16 thoughts on “Everybody Loves Victory

  1. congrats… that show offends me because the guy never works and is never on the road. because i share the same profession as the fictional charachter, i know the show is complete bullshit.

  2. So what’s on at 7.00pm now? Repeats of another tired show? Why don’t they just get rid of the 7.oopm time slot altogether – there is never anything good on at that time…

  3. Monkey!! I’m so excited you got the second comment! WOOHOO!!!!

    …sure it’s not first, like I had a while back, BUT STILL!!! you GO girl!


  4. For a minute there, I thought Australia might have put somehow found a way to stop more vapid tunes from Jeff Lynne and then I realized that I had my acronyms mixed up.

  5. Bah. Seinfeld sucks such bigger donkey balls than Raymond. I’m disappointed. I turned Dawson’s on last night and caught the last second of Jerry’s whining and nearly cried, and had to get pizza to comfort me. It was awful.

    I second the notion that the 7pm timeslot be removed altogether. Or at least that we all just watch Home and Away instead. Or maybe sit down to a family dinner.

    Anything but crap, crap, crap repeats of crap, crap, crap American sit-coms.

  6. Jeez, you guys over there don’t know great sitcoms if they hit you in the special place. “Seinfeld” is arguably the best sitcom of all-time, and “Everybody Loves Raymond” has been the best sitcom on-air since “Seinfeld” left. ELR is destined for classic status, as we all know Seinfeld is already there.

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