Dawson’s Beak

We've always maintained in this household that Dawson looks like ALF.

no problem!

And tonight I finally figured out who Joey reminded me of. Those tiny teeth, that permacheese smile.

girl smiley

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44 thoughts on “Dawson’s Beak

  1. Sometimes I think she looks absolutely gorgeous and other times I think she looks pudgy. Depends on the expression she’s pulling.

  2. I think she looks like the sister on Judging Amy.
    I thought they were the same person for awhile.

  3. I saw the redhead thing on the news. I’m strawberry-blonde sort of, so do I count?

    And now that you mention it, Dawson does look Alf-like. Hm…

  4. the blonde chick on dawsons creek, jen i think her name is, always reminds me of a duck.

    simple test: look at a pic of her, look at a pic of a duck (any duck!). see???

  5. hmm… i think alf’s forehead is way too small. dawson’s forehead is so huge and alf’s eyes are practically on top of his head. but the joey and porpoise similarties are uncanny, i must say

  6. That is too funny. i love it in the recaps on Television Without Pity when they refer to Joey’s melty face look. You know exactly what they mean.

  7. I’d go her. I think she’s a big spunk.

    I like your celeb comparisons Shauny: so much better than that George Bush is a Monkey thing that was doing the rounds a while back.

  8. Is it just me or does Flipper look like he’s ready to give Bud Ricks some head? Come to think of it, have you ever known a dolphin to come to the water’s surface for no apparent reason? Dolphins are some of the most intelligent creatures inhabiting our humble lil rock. It makes absolute sense that they’d be randy as hell.

    They aren’t trying to warn humans that the Earth is about to explode. Their real m.o. is to tell all males to unzip their pants and let good ol’ Flipper put his lips together and blow. Or perhaps dolphins mean to bite down hard on all John Thomas, thus creating a race of enuchs. Since dolphins can only communicate through high-pitched cackles, a teste-shorn alpha male would probably have a fine conversation with a dolphin.

    Thus, the dolphin’s real intention is to gobble various scrotums for nourishment and thus improve human-dolphin communications.

  9. paul: I do seem to recall in the very, VERY early episodes of DC, that *Jen* herself commented she looked like a duck. I swear on my life it would have been episode 1 or 2. Cross my heart and hope to die. I had the damn things on video tape… *nervous laugh*

  10. heeheehee!

    this one should have been subheaded: seperated at birth?!? like when they show donatella versace and a camel side by side in ‘who weekly’. and if they don’t, they should.

    you are very perceptive, shaunygirl!!!

  11. Seen “The Gift”? This has just reminded me… *ahem* …I’m off to web-search for stills of her in one certain scene from it. And if you’ve seen the film, you’ll undoubtedly know *which* ones I mean! P.S. Those resemblances are astoundedly uncanny!

  12. L, that is exactly the angle i was talking about earlier, I’m gunna track down that picture of her jublies, and steal your thunder shauny girl!


  13. yep… spot on, Shauny
    forget ‘Eyes Wide Shut’
    we’re looking at Eyes Wide Apart here!!

    and however cute they may seem..
    that ‘gap’ is always a dodgy sign in my book!

  14. Just for the record, Dolphins are as randy as all hell.

    And I like Katie best in ‘Go’, you can see the colour of her eyes, amongst other things.


    p.s. Shauny, you rock.

  15. That’s a good one, Emma. I watched “The Gift” a few extra times for — *ahem* hubba hubba — the “color of her eyes” myself. Bless Sam Raimi for convincing Katie to posit her attributes for the scientific community.

  16. Hey, that was SJ… (about 20 comments ago)She’s NOT dead! huzzah!

    They’re both freaky looking. I’m sorry, but they are. They’re like real-life barbie and ken dolls.

    (although Katie couldn’t be barbie, since she’s not blonde, she’d have to be one of the offsiders for relatives to buy. You know, the disappointing ones like Skipper and Theresa. Heh, Skipper was always the gimp in my barbie scenarios… “no, ken!” she’d say, “owwww!” and Ken would laugh and Barbie would stick a needle through his rubber head and laugh and laugh as he tried to get it out with his rigid arms and hands.)

  17. I understand Monkey’s childhood more than a healthy person should. The Barbie Dream House became THE place to stage debauchery. When I was a mere six, I was staging all sorts of sordid sexual activities. Ken would be dressed up in some of Barbie’s wardrobe. I remember some vague Police Woman Barbie that came with handcuffs. (Either that or we devised something along those lines.) It was bad enough that Ken would be decked out chestless in a colorful pink skirt. But Skipper and Barbie managed to manacle Ken in the living room and made the poor hunk starve until he “performed” for the two ladies. It amazes me what sort of knowledge a six-year old carries about human anatomy and how the Barbie line almost encourages a child to figure out an explanation for the two hefty bumps on Barbie’s chest.

  18. You know, Ed, I have similar Debauchery Barbie stories. Mostly they involve Ken and Barbie having wild naked sex on my bedroom floor when I was but a lass of six or seven. Even then I was a voyeur.

  19. you people are loony 🙂

    and anon, i love that story! so bloody hilariious! but like you said… creeeeeeepy.

  20. I assent with the Shauna webmistress person. Wonderful story but I will never again look at Ken the same way.

  21. Hey Anon, GREAT link there. Great story. Love it to bits.

    ” I ran my tongue back and forth over the slivers, back and forth over the words “copyright 1966 Mattel Inc., Malaysia” tattooed on her back. Tonguing the tattoo drove Barbie crazy. She said it had something to do with scar tissue being extremely sensitive.”

  22. Saw the movie Abandon this weekend. It was a total waste of money. Now I see what Sarah B. meant when she said Katie Holmes acts out of one side of her face. I am so not a fan anymore. And they didn’t even show Benjamin Bratt naked.

  23. Oh. I didn’t realise I’d posted anonymously. Forgot about that whole filling-out-the-fields thing.

    Glad you liked the barbie story; I think it’s so romantic:

    Very quickly, I came. I came all over Barbie, all over her and a little bit in her hair. I came on Barbie and it was the most horrifying experience I ever had. It didn’t stay on her. It doesn’t stick to plastic. I was finished. I was holding a come-covered Barbie in my hand like I didn’t know where she came from.

    Barbie said, “Don’t stop,” or maybe I just think she said that because I read it somewhere. I don’t know anymore. I couldn’t listen to her. I couldn’t even look at her. I wiped myself off with a sock, pulled my clothes on, and then took Barbie into the bathroom.

    See? Romantic.

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