Call of the Wild

SHAUNA: Arrroooooooooooooooo! RHIANNON: Arrroooooooooooooooo! We were watching television, Renovation Rescue 3. Perhaps it was the heat, the lack of dinner in my belly, or some deep animal instinct, but I suddenly felt the urge to tip my head back and howl like a mournful dog. So I did. It was long and plaintive and very loud. And without lifting her eyes from Brendan Julian's arse, Rhiannon joined in. Seconds later, we were crying from laughing so hard. SHAUNA: If anyone else had have been sitting there, they would have thought I was a loony. But you! You didn't bat an eyelid! RHIANNON: Well, you howled. It seemed appropriate that you should not howl alone.

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23 thoughts on “Call of the Wild

  1. God, they made that house look, er, interesting. At least they can say they improved it. Hard to go wrong with a shell of a house…

    You have a caring and sensitive sister, there.

  2. I’m drawing a remarkable comparison between this post and the post about the girl down stairs. Is there something you’re not telling us?

  3. This is the first time I’ve been here, but this is a pretty funny blog entry for my first reading on one of your entries. It’s funny though because I could so see my brother and I doing that, or my best friends and I. 🙂 Good times. I am definitely going to read some other entries.

  4. WTF IS WITH THE MANGOES?!?! AAAAHH!!!!! [runs off clutching head in hands, smacking into the wall and falling down into a helpless, blubberins mass of flesh]

  5. You know, I’ve been reading that Mango Myths page and I’m a Hindu and didn’t know all that stuff. The sad part of growing up outside my heritage. Ahwell, at least I like mangoes. Going to India in a week and although it’s out of season, people keep slices frozen and make mango pulp which is very sweet and great with food! Whoohoo!

  6. You are so lucky Shauny. I love my sister, but if I howled out of the blue while watching TV she would yell, “You are SO WEIRD!!” and not howl along.

  7. My sister is just a rotten moron. She was trying to explain to me the other day that the British spell “through” wrong, that through is spelled thru and that the pronunciation of “through” is “thruff”.

    You’re wonderfully lucky, Shauna dear.

  8. That’s a great little moment; hearing of times like that make me wish I had a sister or brother; it’s a kind of closeness I as an only child can only imagine. But you help me imagine it so well!

    BTW, if one’s eyes are going to be riveted on someone’s arse, I think Rhiannon made an excellent choice…

  9. I’m an only child but pretty much another brother at my best friend’s house. And we do all sorts of stuff. We’ve howled, grunted, tackled other people, raced (both on feet and wheels), pick out Christmas trees, act like we’re hacking at each other with saws, headbang to classical music, headbang to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (which, I might add, was quite an excellent performance), stay up till God-knows-when playing video games together, stay up till God-knows-when playing video games separately but in the same room together, suffocated selected individuals in “brotherly” hugs where all four of us surround the individual, etc. It really is a special feeling to feel part of something like that.

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