Nine Lives

My mind is on other things, like fresh raspberries. Check out the Olden & Golden on the sidebar, or just go play in the archives. Remember a time when I wrote remotely interesting things. First one to leave a (proper, thoughtful) comment on every entry wins a prize!

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18 thoughts on “Nine Lives

  1. We have fresh raspberries right here at Rancho Mattcavio! You can eat them right off the shrubby thing iffin you like. You could put one on the end of each finger and chase large grey cats about the place.

    Is this a proper comment? I don’t know.

    Let’s play parcheesi!

  2. i found workin’ on the railroad wonderful, shaunygirl. i don’t think you’ll ever stop writing remotely interesting things.

    i would love to read more christmas tales if you’ve got em.

  3. The problem with proper, thoughtful comments is that, frequently, they are far from the millieu of those two respective adjectives. For example, Mr. Norris Walker of Butte, Montana, 75, professional windshield wiper, considers the repeatedly bashing his cranium into a wall a very “proper” way of dealing with his incontinence. And Ms. Barbara H. Ungtous of Surrey, UK, 34, part-time dominatrix, has considered licking the paws of any Bengal tiger who happens to walk in her neighborhood a “thoughtful” thing to do. No one has had the courage to tell Ms. Ungtous that Bengal tigers do not saunter in Surrey.

    So within this spectrum, we have a troubling predicament. How do we find a proper and thoughtful act that satisfies everyone? Mention religion and the Glock-toting atheists in the crowd will call for debauchery and revolution. Make it political and deign to become a bore.

    The problem is that when someone has the prestidigitation to appeal to everybody, it generally involves something base, vulgar and yet strangely appealing. Xmas is probably not the best time to call for the bearded lady or the ten-foot tall Eskimo who eats nothing but glue. Hardly propitious and, while crafty, devoid of intellectual value.

    So we must stoop down from these sensationalistic heights and perform something human. By perform, I do not mean to imply hip gyration and loud moans from the basement, as I normally do here, but something utterly thoughtful, something that takes a few seconds. Hugging a friend, feeding a stranger, offering kindness to another. These things are thoughtful, but not really proper in any Conde Nast/Veblenian manner. But it is proper if, like Gandhi, you think that Western civilization is a pretty good idea. Even those who hate the pornographic proclivities of shopping malls, greeting cards and “happy holidays” can rally behind being good to others.

  4. Hmmm, very interesting, Ed!

    Tony – I’ll believe it when I see it!

    Graham – I don’t stick to one fruit for long! But I always come back to mangoes.

  5. Aww, I thought that bit about the guy at the Paperie was funny.

    I wonder if my next door neighbour is growing raspberries again this year? I must check that when she takes her dog for a walk.

  6. I’m eyeing off that Alex Popov entry in a big way, and wondering how I can combine ‘Alex Popov’ and ‘mangoes’ into a comment.

    Oops! Looky here! I just did!

    *walks away whistling*

  7. okay – shaunygirl, this may not fit in the ‘thoughtful comment’ category, but it’s just a question:

    everyone goes nuts when mangoes are mentioned. is it simply because they are a fine fruit or is ‘mango’ some sort of euphemism?

    i feel like i’m in year eight again, not quite sure if i was understanding what the other kids were saying …

  8. Hey, when did this new layout happen? Have I been missing stuff? Did you switch off the weblogs notification in movabltype or something? It’s cool! There’s a kitty, and they’re always cool 🙂 Good work!

  9. Fresh raspberries are like the nectar of the gods. They can’t be improved with chocolate or enhanced with whipped cream. Like Pooh in the Tao of Pooh, they just ARE.

  10. I was about to say exactly what Ed did, except where he said “Glock-toting atheists” I was going to use the phrase “first-person-shooter-trained God-haters.” Clearly, his wording is superior.

    You know I don’t think I’ve ever had a truly fresh raspberry. You can get “fresh raspberries” in the market here, but they’re flavorless, and I strongly suspect they’re really made of tofu.

  11. But you still write interesting things! You seem more selective about what you write here these days, more self-censoring perhaps, but still interesting 🙂

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