Maiden Voyage

At the airport

RHI: It’s Shauna’s first flight!


R: Shauna’s going to fly!

S: Yes.

R: Shauna’s plane is moving!

S: Mmm.

R: Shauna’s first take-off!

45 minutes later

R: Shauna’s first landing!

S: Would you please shut up!

We nicked off to Melbourne for the weekend and it was fantastic. Armed with Momo’s definitive list of Groovy Things To See And Do we traipsed around and managed to pack a lot in to our short stay.

Next time I hope to meet some famous Melbourne kiddies but this time I was too disorganised and many people were out of town, although I did briefly get to see the rockin’ Nat and Scotty.

What a gorgeous city. The only thing stopping us from staying (aside from work and lack of finances) were our pathetic sore feet. Wherever I go I always seem to have inappropriate shoes. By Saturday afternoon our tootsies were swollen and blistered from clopping around town. The only option was to buy some new shoes.

So we limped around for another two hours searching for something within our paltry budget (drained thanks to amazing Melbourne shops). Finally in desperation we resorted to… gasp… Masseurs.

Masseurs are the plankton of the shoe food chain. They basically consist of a sad bit of cork with a strap to slide your tired feet into. They are the essence of cool, if you’re a scrag down the shops in Queanbeyan. But in a swanky boutique you look bloody stupid with an elongated coaster strapped to your foot. Vanity won out and we flipflopfled back to the hotel, but not before a very stylish lady looked down at my feet then back up at me with an alarmed expression.

“I’m from out of town! I brought the wrong shoes!” I wanted to whine, but she moved away rather quickly.

Needless to say the Massuers were banished to our suitcases and henceforth we hobbled.

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51 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage

  1. glad you had a fab time. my first trip to melbourne resulted in too much money expended also.

    sorry I didnt get to see you for longer, hope to talk with you properly next time you are here or I am there ::)))

  2. i used to own a pair of them… i only wore them once! NEVER AGAIN!! Buy a pair of docs and keep them for days when you are planing on walking… new docs are bouncy!! they look good with long pants… not skirts though… don’t go there hehe.

  3. You crack me up!! However, being a girl who often makes the same misjudgements as you, I completely understand and sympathize. (Did I spell that right?)

  4. And just in time for my visit to Canberra! Yay Canberra! Just two days, now. We leave tomorrow. A short (24-hour) plane ride later, and we’re there! Yay yippee hooray hooray!!!!

  5. does anyone know how to put a class on a MT tag? like MT Comment Author Link, or whatever the freak it’s called, i want to give it the “side” class so it your email/url link will be blue like the sidebar…?

  6. I once covered E3 for a magazine. Now E3 is a sensational exposition of games and other items allegedly billeted as “entertainment” (as if that sobriquet could somehow deflect what are essentially passive visual experiences in which brain cells deteriorate at an exponential rate and various people “escape” into an ostensibly meaningless tableau of blood, gore, dazzling state-of-the-art graphics, barely a smidgen of sex, puzzles and idiot plot and dialogue) that is noisier than the Who and the Kinks getting together in a 1968 Holiday Inn hotel room and figuring just how the hell to destroy it, that features more glum-looking gamines dressed in skimpy outfits than a Miss Peroria 1979 contest held at a suburban Elks Lodge and overseen by follicly-challenged, middle-aged, big-bellied boors, and that is also a strange nexus for sleazy, stupid publicists dressed in loud suits, desperately trying to impress you with a crap game title that will probably get pulled because they’re not paying the overworked developers enough to hone the engine and it’s all about the NEXT NEXT NEXT thing clamored like a murderously-toned Allah by the fanboys, all this while the same three-minute audio loop of explosions, deep testosterone grunts and martial music, all louder than a John Phillip Souza gangbang, plays and belts your eardrums as if you were waiting to get stabbed by a Hell’s Angel at Altamont.

    Anyway, I decided to cover this hideous affair (in L.A., no less!) in my Doc Martens, a pair ‘a Docs that had not yet been broken in to my satisfaction. Now covering this thing invovled trekking through the postmodern L.A. Convention Center. Almost as physically demanding as walking the Trail of Tears, but instead of Union soldiers whipping and otherwise molesting you, you get things like “DOOOOOOOOMMM! THE REVOLUTIONARY ENGINE! ” in your ear. And, of course, sore footsies. And for what? A few enticing behind-closed-doors offerings of games that you’ll never play because you’d rather devote the 35-40 hours to something useful. Like cross-platform XML or editing in Premiere or writing a spec script that invovles the Three Stooges crashing a porn set.

    The point of this being that, dear Shauns, it could have been much worse. You could have walked not for pleasure, but for the Almighty Dollah, however meager.

  7. There’s no way to modify $MTCommentAuthorLink$ to accept a class, however, you can try something along the lines of:
    a href=”$MTCommentURL” class=”side”URI/a

  8. Oooh, everyone is travelling around lately.

    You should track that lady down and hire a group of your trendier-looking friends to keep walking past her in Masseurs. Get her thinking that they’re in style and then follow her around and revel in her pain.

  9. hehe 🙂

    mel – no, i nicked it from an image site. shame on me! but i can’t draw for shit!

  10. Thew, the Melbourne style police. If the Masseurs had been black you would’ve been fine.

    The new design is nice. Though it does mean I have to shelve my titles in orange small-caps idea for the meantime.


    (yes I don’t have enough things going on in my life right now. I seek pleasure in the little things!)

  12. Ok, was this your first time FLYING a plane, or your first time IN a plane? If this is your first time in a plane, girlfriend, you need to get out more. I am doing about 100 flights a year right now (no fun). You are welcome to have some of mine.

  13. graham – i think there is room in the world for more than one blog with orange small caps titles! 😛

    jimbo – first time IN a plane. i will endeavour to get out more, just for you.

  14. My first flight was from Melbourne to Canberra – so there you go! And I’ve only been on two flights since.

    I’d love to meet you sometime when you visit Melbourne again.

  15. You know, to put a class on something like you can always put it in a span tag and put a class to that span. It seems the done thing in MT.

    I want to go to Melbourne too, to meet all those lovely Melbourne bloggers. Let’s all go together! yay!

  16. cliff’s notes from scott’s visit to canberra (kinda unrelated…)
    – do the melbourne bloggers do x, scott?
    – do the melbourne bloggers do y, scott?
    – what’s momo like?
    – is jenjen pretty?
    – do you think the melbourne bloggers are cooler than us?
    – do you think the melbourne bloggers would speak to us in a bar?

    yes, kathryn, i do think a melbourne/canberra meetup is in order.

    i propose gundagai.

  17. We’ve got the washing machine agitator/rocket ship on the hill! And the original Ettamogah Pub!

  18. While the retro kitchen scene design of yore may always be my favorite, this new look is a winner. Nice job.

  19. OH! OH! OH! An in-betweeny Melbourne/Canberry bloggery type thingie would be JUST TOO, TOO, FABULOUS. Count me so totally in. Can you tell I’ve drunk SIX, no, maybe SEVEN glasses of champs tonight! Woo!

    Btw, girlie, I’m pretty, but I bet I’m not as pretty as YOU are. Hehe. Minx.

    I have to go now.

  20. Oh! Now you’ve removed it, what was the name of the font from last time? The one with the loopy T’s?

    And, I am in for a trip to Melbourne/Albury/ Gundagai, oh yes. Should we rent out a floor of a hotel? 😀

  21. Well, Rachael, put it this way (to paraphrase The Simpsons):

    “Do you think the melbourne bloggers are cooler than us?”
    “Well, we don’t know you, but… yes.”

  22. i don’t care if you’re cooler! would you, melbournian, hump me when i’m drunk and nibble my neck? NO! only a canberra blogger would do that. berra bloggers are the BEST!

  23. We’re too busy reading Derrida to each other in trendy cafes to be bothered with such plebian activities as drunken humping. How very lower-middle.

    On the plus side for you, this means that we will almost certainly have died out as a species within three generations, then you can come down and steal all our stuff.

  24. i hope the list was useful, shaunygirl! i remember it being quite the rambling stream-of-consciousness!

    there’s nothing wrong with masseus sandals, either.

    kitty is gorgeous!


  25. sorry i missed you in glorious melbs. re: the shoe thing, melbs might be bad, but i had the smart thinking of going to paris, taking only a backpack and the pair of shoes i was wearing, because i was tired of hauling bags around. needless to say, the nikes went down a treat at the moulin rouge. style, love, style.

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