The Things This City Has To Do To Get On Television

Canberra is burning. The sky is black, orange in places, choked with smoke. I live in the CBD but my friends are further out amongst it. It's scary. Getting really worried. 200 homes feared gone. SUNDAY MORNING:  380 homes gone. Last I heard the kids were safe, I will probably pester them again soon. Worry worry. SUNDAY NIGHT:  Still burning. It's hard to comprehend the extent of the devastation. But the Canberra bloggers you know and love and want to shag are doing okay. I took The Americans to Parliament House today, it looked so eerie shrouded in smoke. My bloody bra set off the metal detectors again. The security dude had to do the whole wand-waving woo woo thing. Why doesn't it go off for anyone else? I'm not the only one who's underwired. Clearly these twin towers are a threat to national security. This line in the CNN story cracked me up: Smoke blanketed the capital, home to 300,000 people, including hundreds of diplomats. MONDAY MORNING:  Here at work, people have some pretty grim stories. They're talking about watching fireballs race up their street, how it moved so quickly they didn't have time to get in the car and get the hell out of there. Crikey! Many people are too scared to come in. Can you blame them? They've forecasted high temperatures and unpredictable winds. Meanwhile, talk has already started that the ACT Government were inadequately prepared for the event. WEDNESDAY:  11 freckled ducks, 99 red and grey kangaroos, 20 koalas — more fire victims.

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31 thoughts on “The Things This City Has To Do To Get On Television

  1. I was at Deakin before, where it was almost normal… a little yellow… I tell you what, driving home into that thick black was so scary.

    (Hope that’s not on my birthday weekend)

  2. My house is in Rivett, but I am at my parents house and am sitting here worrying about anything and everything. I hope everything else is safe though.

  3. So awful. We’ve been watching the coverage on the news and had a telephone update from Mark’s parents. It would be terrible to lose a home and all worldly possesions to a monster fire…not as bad as losing a life, of course, but pretty damn awful. It hurts to see images of the suburbs being swallowed up and detroyed.

  4. Horrible, horrible. I hope this gets under control soon, Shauny. In the meantime, what Eeksy-Peeksy said. I’m sending humid, rainy thoughts your way.

  5. I live in Melbourne and it certainly does worry me, especially when there are people we all know are involved.

    And I dare say horst is speaking for himself, not anyone else who lives in Melbourne or anywhere for that fact.


  6. Thanks for that Scotty – had I seen that moron’s comment earlier, I surely would have mentioned to him/her that s/he was a complete fucking tosser. Idiots live everywhere, and I don’t think anyone is going to badmouth all of Melbourne for one insensitive prick.

  7. I’m just checking up on you all, to make sure all you canberrans are still posting. I’m taking that as in indication that you’re ok. 🙂

  8. I hope you are all okay…..

    Is Fishwyck (sic) in the firing line?

    With regards to CNN Shauny, the most fucked up shit John Howard has said for ages, like, for about three days, is:

    “… we are under ATTACK from the summer TERROR of bushfires…”

    Oh, wait, are we about to head into a war or something?

    I hope you are all well and looking after yourselves as best you can.

  9. A friend of mine had a bit of drama this evening as her boyfriend’s dad lives in Canberra (the suburbs). A bit worrisome, but it seems that he’s safe.

    Anyway, glad to know you’re safe; take care of yourself.

  10. i’m not in the thick of things and i don’t want to be a drama queen, so i will just update this little post now and then.

    just makes you realise how much you bloody love your mates when you read about them hosing down their roof. stay safe, my little chookies 🙂

    and to all you legends who emailled and called, you are lovely!

  11. I’ve been thinking of you guys.

    Melbourne is completely shrouded in smoke today – I think from fires in the alps – but really is just makes me think of everyone up in Canberra.

  12. Aparently Squeeshee, a pine plantation in Wandin went up yesterday, and consequently, when the wind changed this morning, the smog rolled across the city from the east, it’s surreal.

  13. Hugs to all Canberra blogger types with flames ahoy. Luckily, the Sydney fires didn’t get too close the other month, but there’s been times when they’ve been a block away, so I know what it’s like. Hang in there.

  14. I”ve just come back from two sixteen-hour days of lugging lights around, and I’ve heard the latest developments on Canberra. This definitely overshadows the protests in San Francisco and Washington and even the Raiders winning the AFC Championship in scope, particularly since it affects so many marvelous people.

    Since all the Canberran bloggers tend to find their way here on Shauny’s eventually, my heart goes out to each and every you. I read all your blogs from time to time. You’re all wonderful people and you deserve better than a war against the elements. Strangely enough, this all reads like a Jack Vance novel. But it’s something I really can’t be flippantly verbose about.

    However, I will spend fifteen minutes every day praying not to a god, but to nature. I will tell her that Australia has had enough fire over the past year or so. I will also tell her that the White House, by contrast, has simply not had enough fire, particularly since they stopped the Fireside Chats. I will ask Ms. Nature to transfer all fire afflicting Canberrans and Australians and set it in the White House, so that this will provide an indisputable message that apparently cannot be understood, even when 500,000 people attempt to communicate not far away. Two problems solved, and more Canberran happiness in the world.

    Kiss kiss hug hug all my best to Canberran bloggers. I’m sorry if I’m coming across as absurd.

    Yours, thinking of you every day,

    The Prolific Bastard

  15. Glad you’re safe, Shauny. I was thinking about you …

    It’s pretty awful. I guess the native American indians would say that through his evil-doings, the Big Chief’s village is being attacked by the spirit Gods.

    We reap what we sow, yes?

    Just after Howard was found to be implicated in the Tampa lie, I predicted a personal tragedy for Howard. You know, karma and all that.

    Maybe this it?

  16. Glad you’re safe, Shauny. Good luck to you and your friends who are coping with hosing down roofs and such. I hope this is over soon.

  17. Ah, Lord Loquacious strikes again! Once again you’ve managed to sort everything out quickly and easily. Well done, Ed me boy. Keep praying to that bitch mother Nature for me!

  18. Haven’t been around but I’m glad you are safe! I didn’t know C was burning. I have friends there and will write to them immediately.

    So scary…380 homes.

  19. Ah _ I think as usual Ed sums up the wishes from the states quite nicely. . .
    As to your bra question:
    an informal survey arising from a discussion among several of my female friends revealed it appears not to be the underwire that sets off the detector, but the hooks on the back (well sometimes on the front, but you know . . . )
    My more busty friends (4-6 hooks) were much more likely to have to be subjected to wanding than their less voluptuous 2-3 hook counterparts.

  20. Came to check out Shauny’s site, damn fine blog. I’m glad that you are doing fine and hope that it remains that way this weekend. They are forecasting crap weather conditions again for Canberra.


  21. Shit!

    While I’ve been overly preoccupied with a parser framework library project, Canberra’s been burning! I heard my mother mentioning to my brother, a couple of times, Aren’t those bushfires in Australia awful? Having heard of fires threatening Sydney, and even beginning to move into Sydney, a number of times in recent years, I thought it more of the same. But no! It’s Canberra this time! It really makes a difference when you actually know people there.

    So, I’m somewhat relieved to read that you lot are generally okay. And I’ll have to do better at keeping up to date with all your various blogs from now on.

    I hope the fires don’t return for at least another fifty years!

  22. Just got back from a holiday away from modern technology.

    Glad to see all the Canberrans are safe and well. All the fires worry me even if I have no connection with the place in question… but I grew up in Duffy and seeing those streets burn really hit home.

    Take care everyone. 🙂

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