I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff

Eavesdroppings from the past few days. Random Aunt #1: We were cleaning out his house when somebody said, "Hey, has anyone seen Fluffy?". It had really been months since anyone had seen that cat. But it didn't take long. We looked under the couch and there he was curled up, the poor bugger. He'd been dead so long that when we dragged him out, his tail fell off. Random Aunt #2: So first he was running three hours late, then he took three phone calls during my session. I asked myself, why am I paying $700 for a sex therapist? All he did was tell me about some gels we could use and suggest I buy a vibrator. Ripped off. Random Teeny Bimbo at the Massive Attack concert: TEENY BIMBO:  Hey, have you guys heard of Kraftwerk? SHAUNY:  Here we go… RACHAEL:  [whisper] "I like, saw them at Big Day Out" TB:  I like, saw them at Big Day Out S & R:  [snigger] TB:  They were so cool. They're like this American band? They're were like the original electronica act!

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31 thoughts on “I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff

  1. just in case you were wondering, i am worried about the Current Events, but i just don’t know what to write about it.

    Massive Attack were pretty rockin’, in case anyone was wondering about that too. Except the new stuff didn’t really grab me. The Mezzanine stuff was excellent, esp. Inertia Creeps.

    OH! And where o where were Rach and I situated? Front and centre. Leanin’ on the barrier. I could see up Horace’s nostrils. Not that I wanted to. But yes, it was the utterly perfect place to be. Hooray for small turnouts at Canberra shows and skipping merrily to the front row!

  2. and so it begins…the older you get, the stupider people become at rock shows until one day you look around and they’re ALL idiots. Unfortunatly thats also the time when you become the oldest person at the show, and that is the exact moment that you realize your opinion, no matter how correct, doesn’t really matter any more.

    On the drive home you realize that you’re no longer in the demographic anyones interested in.

    On a lighter note, I can totally relate to the dead cat. WHen I moved our stove for spring cleaning I found the turtle. All stiff and burried under a mound of spilled sugar.

  3. Mel – I missed the start of the conversation but I think a friend of the aunts had passed away and they were cleaning out his house. Apparently the poor kitty was just about petrified. He had to be taken bit by bit to the tip.

    By the time I asked them to rewind and please repeat the first bit of the story, they’d moved on to a new conversation: Bagpipes. How they sound so good.

    “You know where I heard some good piping? The Queen Mother’s funeral. The guy was walking in front of the hearse and piping away so beautifully and I thought to myself, That’s some good piping. This is a top funeral!”

  4. Word, on the don’t know what to write. I had to dredge up a honeymoon/s-m shop story so I could sidestep today altogether. I currently have my fingers in my ears and am humming, so to speak.

    LOVE the Teeny Bimbo. They gotta start somewhere, right?

    Hope the packing’s going well. 🙂

  5. Awww, that poor cat! That’s just awful.

    I’m so jealous. I want to see Massive Attack in concert. I hope you had a great time!

  6. It’s always a good time for quietly condescending and feeling utterly superior. That’s what young people are there for. And one day they’ll be propping up your final days. What a glorious cycle.

  7. You’ll probably find that she really loves that band The Cure, and that Disintegration was a really top first album.


    But yeah: rocksnob I may be, but I hopefully don’t big-note myself unless I know exactly what I’m talking about. You know – I still remember reaching that second year point when I heard all these first years going on in a Rather Learned Fashion about Freud and Descartes and suddenly you realise that I sounded exactly like that a year ago.


    Don’t get me started on piping, either. My mother used to play the things. And my brother recently bought her a CD of rockin’ bagpipe tunes, including an all-sporran-all-the-time version of “The Road To Gundagai”…

  8. Bloody hell!
    $700 for a sex therapist!!?

    For that money, your aunt should have been hoisted on to the mahogany office desk and given a damn fine spelunking!

    She only had to read a Cosmo sealed section to get the vibrator advice. According to them, a vibrator’s the cure to every sexual problem on earth.

  9. Wait … you mean vibrators AREN’T the cure to every sexual problem on the planet, and therefore every problem, ever?


  10. I know how you feel re: “Current Events”… I haven’t been saying anything about the war etc because I don’t feel like anything I could say about it would really be worth saying. Of course I don’t want a war, but I am just (unusually) lost for words about this issue…

    the last time i heard bagpipes was at my partner’s dad’s funeral last year… now everytime i hear them i get chills (not the good kind).

    i have been visiting your site for a while, finally decided to stop lurking and actually post. 😎

  11. $700 would buy me too.. well maybe.. depending on the wrinkle state of the aunt..i dont like ’em too dry n papery skinned.. lavender is a bit of a turn-off too..B?(

    i suppose a couple of dollars could go towards a nice brown paper bag.. but then when yer a “behinder” you dont need the prettiest girls B?P hehe.. they all kinda look alikey flipped up

    i like the cure.. well the early stuff and trendy bagpipe musics cool too.. *jigs* and yep that bono blokes done some good work.. maybe it would save mum $$$’s on sex therapists if she could get a good bono??? *grins*

    Kraftwerks ‘the model’ was good but after using it to test light effects for disco work i got a bit bored with it.. and the rest of the album was pretty shite so it got stored in the green filing cabinet (bin)

    so you chatted to sarah? wow

    will email you

  12. Reminds me of the story I heard a long time ago about a teeny Goth at a local club who was bragging about his big deep knowledge of bands such as Joy Division. Impish friend of mine leaned over and whispered, “I hear they’re getting back together with the original singer” and teeny goth promptly started running around with the news.

    Upon reaching the old, bitter goth at the end of the bar, teeny goth repeated the story once again only to be given a deep, fish-eyed stare.

    Old, bitter goth said slowly and clearly, for all the bar to hear: “You asshole. The original singer is dead!”

  13. Poor cat 🙁 But hopefully its curled up state meant it passed away peacefully. Pity about having to be disposed of in bits, though. (Just a week or so after my cat Ben died, someone asked if I flushed him down the toilet, as is customarily done with goldfish. He even augmented this by speculating that Ben would’ve had to be cut up into pieces, lest he cause a blockage.) Hmmm, self dismantling dead cats…

    And I do enjoy that sense of easy superiority that comes from things like that teeny bopper’s blissful ignorance. It’s so nice to have all one’s personal insecurities and self-doubts swept away by a single, blurted and unwitting exposition of a Low Quality Person’s own, staggering inferiority, don’t you reckon? (Not that we should make such swift and damning judgements of other people, but some people just leave us no choice.)

    Anyway, hope you’ve been having a good week or so saying your farewells and stuff! 🙂

  14. “Current Events”. Ick.

    With everyone on this. Even as an opinionated, often inebriated lawyer I feel I’ve nothing to say.

    No, gaddammit. I will WAR BLOG today!

    Or mebbe not.

    Ah, the sweet joys of watching the young and foolish … while lording it over them with superior knowledge gained as a result of no longer being so young and foolish.

  15. Wouldn’t even a mumified cat smell a bit odd? and how did they not notice it was missing? Did they never feed poor Fluffy??

  16. Yes, a deal curled-up cat probably died happily in its sleep, dreaming about catching small fluffy things. At least, I hope it did.

    Edinburgh is usually full of bagpipers playing on street corners for the tourists. It makes you want to wear earplugs when you’re out shopping.

  17. Forgive my being off-topic, but mac moron is hilarious. I’m hoping to upgrade from my old, grey iMac (“Granny Smith”) to something G4ish in the near future .

    Poor kitty. Our dogs would never LET us forget them – so dependent. But I guess that’s why I’m not a cat person!

  18. I love teeny bimbos! I especially like it when they laugh as I walk by. I always smile to myself when that happens.

    Poor cat! Imagine the smell!

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