No English

We arrived at Frankfurt at 6AM, 30 hours since we left Canberra. Have been wandering round until we can check into Mr. Hotel.

WeΒ΄re slightlz tired and loopy! Singapore to Frankfurt flight went on for so bloooody long. “The Banger Sisters” is the worst movie ever.

But was nice to have a window seat and the sun rose just as the captain said we were flzing over Warsaw.

So I screwed up trying to get into the toilets at the train station, tis 60 euro cents to get in yuoi see. so i put the money in and it wouldnt let me through! I think mazbe i mistook aussie 2 buck cpin for 10c euro.

I go ferreting for more euros but confusion reigns as there is four different currencies in my wallet right now. and a large queue of impatient geerman ladies crossing their legs.

finally a kind lady strolls up and shoves more omoney in the machine.

i smile and say thanks in german (innacurrately no doubt) and then the fucking gate won!t open. arrgh.

sfinaly i get through and take my bursting bladder to do its thing. then find the kindlady and trY to explain my confusion with all these multinational coins, and she smiles fires something off in rapid german and i try to say that i don`t speak geerman but instead what i end up saying is, “No English! No English”.

At which point my sister is in hysterics.

hehe. i am such a bimbling idiot.

i donΓ€t have time to tell zou all the sillz shit i`ve done, nor can i find the correct keys. but wanted to say hello before i fell asleep!

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24 thoughts on “No English

  1. Heh yay for Our Shorners In Frankfurt! Glad you’re there safe and sound. You’ll have to take a photo of the keyboards they use over there. Darn foreigners πŸ˜‰ (It’s OK, I’m allowed to be racist/intolerant – it’s the Australian way).

    Love to youse both!

  2. was the bursting bladder from excessive amounts of free alcohol??? πŸ˜› glad to hear you are ok πŸ™‚ keep us posted!! *hugs*

  3. ‘Pardon’ spoken in the thickest accent of the country you’re in generally will get you thru.

    Did you catch sight of a certain dreamy blogger while you were flying over Poland? lol

  4. Hope you aren’t sick of the plane food yet! Have a good trip, and be sure to indulge yourself in the online booze delights! (makes the trip go faster!)

  5. My, what fun! I haven’t been reading for awhile. I just began again at the right point, when you’re having the adventure of your life.

    Keep having fun!

  6. Woo! The travails of the toilet: you’re well and truly on your way.

    I can’t believe you watched a Goldie Hawn movie, though. I’ll put it down to jet-lag.

    This time.

    Try to stay up as much as you can!

  7. Yes, there’s nothing like travelling to a foreign country to make one feel like an idiot. “Those words are all spelled wrong! No one’s talking right! Damn these crazy people whose culture is different than mine!”

  8. welcome to “across the pond.” please send us more drunken blogging! or at least extremely waterlogged blogging. πŸ™‚

  9. Hey!
    As said above: welcome to our nook of the world! The weather sucks, the food is generally crappy and our ways are extremely peculiar to say the least, but you’ll come to love us! (and hate us too, o’course…). But we love youz anywhoo!

  10. “Why hasn`t Goldie Hawn been put down like an old dog yet? ”

    May I say …



    Travel well, fair Shauny.

  11. Welcome to the European Union!!! πŸ˜€

    As for “No English! No English”, I must confess to laughing. It’s a brilliant mistake to make. (I’d’ve probably said, ‘Sprechen sie Deutch?’, meaning ‘Speak English?’) But the thought that occurs to me is that it’s all in the punctuation. Just add a comma and another couple of exclamation marks, and it becomes: ‘No, English! No! English!’

    Anyway, glad you made it safely this far! Now, ain’t Singapore airport the nicest airport you ever did pass through?


  12. “Why hasn`t Goldie Hawn been put down like an old dog yet?”

    Because at least every movie role she lands is one more that Susan Sarandon doesn’t.

  13. Urgh! I hate european keyboards! Everything’s all messed up. I think you did amazingly well Miss Shauny. I look forward to your posts from the UK, where they have civilized keyboards.

  14. This is the point where Shauny has to explain that she’s using Harvey as usual, but is just too disoriented. πŸ˜‰

    Good to hear from you miss S!

  15. Wow, you people are nuts πŸ™‚ Travelling and commenters! But in a good way, hehe. Hope you [that’s you Shauna and Rhiannon] enjoy your new surroundings which you shall be inhabiting for a while yet. And Luke, unless you have really interesting reading material, if you don’t fall asleep, boredom pushes you to watch whatever they are showing on the screen. From The Banger Sisters to the wierd cooking lady (Lufthansa flights) =P

  16. 60 Euro? not 60 Euro Cents? πŸ™‚

    re: bangers sisters: i was tortured with that movie by cathay and it was unbearable. thankfully my headphones were faulty, so i got less of g.hawns voice. at least something.

    anyway: enjoy this lovey spring break in f’furt and do give me a buzz…

  17. Svarit: I so can’t do the movie thing, usually. I sat through Monsters Inc a couple of times, which was rockin’, but that must’ve been the one good thing to happen in all flights I’m ever going to take – every other time it seems the options are of the Orange County ilk. Yeesh.

  18. Oh Shauns, those bathroom attendant ladies at the train station are the worst. “No English! No English!” No sympathy either if you don’t have the exact coinage. I almost pissed my pants in Berlin one time. Had to run to buy a beer (hell, everyone else was drinking them out of bags; and when in Rome…) at a nearby shop so I can change my paper to metal.

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