Zoom Zoom Zoom

Am so sorry I didnt get to reply to all emails. finishing packing. we leave in the morning. if i didnt get to say bye personally i apologise, and please know that you’re all gems. so. um. here we go! 🙂 canberra sydney singapore frankfurt edinburgh. HOLY FUCK! will write soon! xxox

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24 thoughts on “Zoom Zoom Zoom

  1. (Hm, ice kachang is the more common spelling apparently. What the hell, have two! You can’t get enough of that icy beany syrupy goodness.)

  2. don’t forget that you get free alcohol on international flights… drink up!! will calm the nerves…

    hmmm you are probably on a plane already… remember that for the flight home!

    good luck chicky!!

  3. Enjoy yourselves. And if you decide to get married, make sure to bring your husbands back here, rather than staying there!

    (I don’t mean you will have 2 husbands, but maybe the both of you will find one.)

  4. Good luck and Godspeed.

    You’ll have a ball, I’m sure!

    Thanks for the many hours of enjoyable reading!!!

    We’ll be thinking of you, and looking forward to tales of your exploits!

  5. So long, farewell …

    We never got to have that coffee, well, perhaps another time & another place.

    Safe journeys.

  6. Have a good journey, and get here safely.

    If you can’t have a *good* journey, have an interesting, bloggable one 🙂

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