Quickie before I head off to Job Agency #457. There's a million entries written on my iBook, just need to figure out how to get them online. Am too poor for a landline, you see. And I have heaps of emails to answer too. So this is a general "hellooooo" and miss you all. I feel a little lonely and isolated right now. Staying in contact hasn't been as easy or affordable as I would like. I must write soon before you all forget about me. Sniff. Any ideas where we should go for Easter?

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20 thoughts on “Peep

  1. Canberra!


    Paris? Paris is always good. It rocks with highly-manicured fists of steel.

    Good luck with all the agency guff, too…

  2. Japan! Because, try as you might, you can’t deny you want to visit.

    But the most affordable option would have to be the Isle of Jura. Or you could stay with Jono’s grandmother in Orkney. Or you could deceive yourself into saving lots of money for a holiday and then blowing it all on one 24-hour netcafe splurge.

    Because I too feel your pain, Miss Shauna. Isn’t that ‘free internet’ legislation before parliament by now?

    P.S. Paris it is then. Please take photos of Shakespeare & Co for me, and ask them how I can stay there for free next summer.

  3. Hoot mon! You’re only in town a week and you’re looking for somewhere else to go?

    If you have to stay in town, I hear that this year will be the first-ever Edinburgh Easter Parade. I’m not the sort who enjoys a parade, and this one threatens to be stocked with American cheerleaders, but the festival in general could be an excuse to get drunk with young men in uniform.

    If you’ve got a bit of cash to spare, though, I suggest a getaway weekend to Easter Island, where they have all those giant stone bunnies and eggs.

  4. Hah, hah, Shauny, if you do wear a bonnet, you’ll have to watch out for bees. Cause then you’ll have a bee in your bonnet if you’re not careful. Hah! Hahahahhahahahahhaaaaa!


    No, really, I’m telling you, try for London asap. Best city ever.

  5. London the greatest I’d have to argue with. Close on most expensive, perhaps… But I also think you probably don’t want to deal with the HUGE VAST LOVECRAFTIAN BIGNESS AIEEEEE at Easter, at least. I did it for a couple of years and it was eck-worthy.

  6. Agencies, eh? You can find vast hordes of them at the Recruitment Employment Confederation (RED) (or have I already mentioned that one?). But it sounds like you’ve already found lots of agencies, anyway.

    For more direct job searching, I like Fish 4 Jobs.

    And you’re too poor for a landline? 🙁 Well, for internet access (albeit not with Harvey), have you tried public libraries? Down here in Essex, their little computer/internet bits are free! You have to join the library, though, but that should be free, too.

    Anyway, I’m sorry you’re feeling a little bit lonely and isolated. But you’ll make lots of good friends soon enough, I reckon. (Didn’t you already know a bunch of Edinburgh bloggers? Aren’t they taking care of you?) I’d invite you down the pub, but it would be a very long walk home! A bit impractical, I think.

    As for Easter, ummm… Easter always takes me by surprise these years, and I barely remember to even toast myself a hot crossed bun.

    Anyway, hope you’re not feeling lonely and isolated for too long! 🙂

  7. It has been 3 years since I was looking but I found and quite good.

    I don’t know what type of job you’re after but I found that you had to be very persistent (well, pushy) with the job agencies.

    They view “foreigners” as irritations often. No British experience can suck but you have to put the emphasis on your skills, not where you’re from (even though Ozzies and Kiwis work harder!).

    The agencies and employers here can often be very slow too. You can give up hope before they actually get around to saying “yes” let alone “no”. Don’t give up hope – be patient (and pushy).

    If you’ve got a EU passport make sure you mention it. Mention Mac knowledge too. It got me my job!

    Glasgow’s a nice convenient and friendly place to go.

    For posting, you can sign up online for a account. Then you just need to find a “spare” phone jack to do a “hit and run” connection on.

    Good luck,

    Scott F 🙂

  8. Shauny, you may or may not already know this but a good spot for Internet access in Edinburgh is EasyEverything, which is one street back from Princes Street in the New Town.

    I used to live in Edinburgh you see.

    You could try libraries too but they’re harder to get to.

    Go to EasyEverything very early in the morning or very late at night (open 24 hours I think) and the price will be cheaper.

    Good luck!

    Edinburgh’s a beautiful place, as you know, and even more beautiful once you’re earning pounds. Buy a book called something like 25 Great Walks Around Edinburgh. There are some great walks in there. Do the one on Corstorphine Hill in autumn – gorgeous.

    Have fun.

  9. Perhaps instead of posting the entries, you could perhaps tell us whether Entry No. 451,909 was the best of the bunch. That’s what I hear.

    Lonely and isolated is perfectly normal, Shauns. This is the culture shock/continental drift kicking in. Eventually it passes, or fluctuates, or otherwise alters perception in the best of ways. In fact, I understand the feeling is better than heroin.

  10. Hee, yeah, maybe London NOT such a good idea if you don’t want to bankrupt yourself much as I did (and quite nicely, at that)! So … Amsterdam’s pretty cool too. Try the liquor-covered pancakes at the pancake place down the street from Anne Frank’s house. Oh yeah.

  11. For a cheaper Easter option than crossing the channel, try Oxford. I went on a day trip, but could easily have enjoyed a long weekend there – it’s a really pretty place and heaps of walking tours to do.

    Have a great time whatever you decide!

  12. Definitely Rome for Easter. Just makes sense (realize I’ve grown up surrounded by Catholics =P ) Hope you’re having a jolly good time!

  13. I don’t think you’re going to get forgotten any time soon!

    Good luck with the job hunting.

    (And if you end up completely broke you can stay with my Great Grandmother in Essex…she’s 102 and mad as a hatter, but hey! Whatever it takes!)


  14. go to, and pick the cheapest flight out of edinburgh airport! or you could try exploring some of scotland. possibly a little chilly for that though in april!

  15. Go to St Andrews! Only an hour or so on the train fro Edinburgh, lovely beaches and you’ll probably see Prince William in Tescos.

  16. I went to Paris for Easter 3 years ago with a couple of friends and it was wonderful. We didn’t go to church – but even though it poured down rain the entire weekend, we had a lovely time.

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