Hold The Line

Things That You Can Do In Australia That You Just Can't Do In Scotland #1 – The Outdoor Wardrobe I have fond memories of being one lazy shit during my university days. Former flatmates would have less fond memories. Washing clothes was always an ordeal. We had a hand-me-down "interactive" Hoover Twin Tub washing machine, which is only one step up from pounding your frocks on a rock down by the stream. Two hours later, I'd wander outside to hang everything up on the line. Spent from all that effort, I'd leave them there for days. Sometimes a week or more. Each (mid) morning I'd venture outside to peer up at the line through bleary eyes, making my selection. I'd unpeg some jeans, a couple of socks, pluck off some undies, then shuffle back inside. In summer the fabrics would be stiff and crinkly. In winter you'd get a touch of frost. Or a spider. It would have taken all of 30 seconds to take the whole bloody lot off the line, but that would have been too practical. Now you just couldn't do that here. There's no outdoor clotheslines. There's no bloody sun. There's rain. Not that I would use a clothesline as a wardrobe anymore, mind you. I've reformed.

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16 thoughts on “Hold The Line

  1. It suddenly occurs to me that if I wrapped a clothesline around my chest, the resultant bulges protruding from each coil would be almost a tundra of endless parabolas. But these parabolas are different, given that they are three-dimensional and circle the entire body. Kind of amazing when you think about it.

  2. We miss you! Okay, I miss you, but I’m fairly sure this translates to at least a few other people. 🙂

    It sounds cool.

  3. I think there’s a lot to be said for the outdoor wardrobe, particular when you compare it to other dodgy practices like a) washing clothes and leaving them in the machine for days until they’re skanky and horrible and need to be rewashed leaving the overall laundry situation worse than it was before your started, or b) taking clean clothes off the line but leaving them in a heap on the bedroom floor, where they soon miscegenate with the dirty clothes as you take them off in the evening and sling them on the floor, until you can’t tell the dirty clothes from the clean and you have to wash the lot again. Dry crunchy undies are a small price to pay by comparison.

  4. We have a similar system at our house, although we’re too lazy to use the outdoor clothesline, since the dryer is right on top of the washing machine…

  5. I’d be like a superhero, but without special powers, beyond…washing stuff. I could be The Washerwoman, Washer of Clothing! Destroyer of Dirt! Cleanser of Stains! Bane of Smelly Underwear!


  6. Hehe you only did that when you were a lazy uni student? Hell I still do that now. I have left things on the line so long that they fade in patches and you cant wear the clothes anymore… I don’t learn from my mistakes and just keep doing it.

  7. Gurk, I had to use one of those bastard Hoover twin tub things during my uni days too. Good for stretching and ripping shirts and that.

    I also couldn’t really do the outdoor wardrobe thing because people would help themselves to your favourite t-shirts or stuff like that.

  8. Shauny indeed!

    The weirdest thing I found about washing clothes in the UK was that spin-driers don’t seem to be common at all. It’s really odd, but it did introduce me to the joys of drying stuff on one’s radiator, which is, in some instances, the best thing ever.

  9. In Arizona there would be giant sewer roaches or black widow spides sometimes. We hung our clothes in the garage.

    But don’t forget radiators. Now that I live in cold and rainy land I rely on the radiator to dry the clothes. Drape them around it.

    Then also in Scotland don’t they have those heated rack thingies? I know how crucial it is to being well put together to be able to wash clothes in the bathtub.

  10. i actually LIKE twintubs, but frontloaders are even better. However I LOVE Hills-hoists !! (theres something you never see overseas!). So you know what to get me for my birthday! *Lol*

  11. I tell yah, I realy hate going to the laundry mat, especially with a 7 month old. Plus I am out of $$$. So, I am trying to figure out the best way to wash my clothes in the bathtub. My neighbor does it all the time. I am trying it right now. You don’t have to be a college student!!! crazy thoughts from Wisconsin.

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