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I saw the sweetest thing at work today. Inside the cupboard with the teacups, there's a little spreadsheet taped up with all the employees names down one side. Across the columns it says TEA, COFFEE, MILK, SUGAR. And there's ticks and crosses to indicate everyone's preferences. They spend all day making each other cuppas and I always wondered how they all knew what everyone liked. It's bloody adorable. Row pointed out to me in a comment that because I have a Mac at home, I have to burn my files to the CD without putting them in folders, otherwise the PCs at the net cafe won't be able to read them. I worked this out for myself today, but only AFTER I bought another bloody CD to the internet cafe here tonight. So once again, we have no bananas today. Look again tomorrow! And thank you so very much for being nice to me in spite of my pathetic hissy fit. I am feeling so incredibly out of whack at the moment. As for net access at home, I require £200 for a security deposit for a landline, since the phone company doesn't trust me because I'm Australian. Well, they say it's because I don't have any previous UK addresses, but it could be because I talk funny and have very shifty eyes. Anyway, I am saving up for that so stay tuned. The bacon over here tastes amazing. BACON!

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24 thoughts on “In The Most Delightful Way

  1. did you say you have housemates earlier? can they help with the internet access?

    gotta love cross-platform issues. 😛 better luck with your next CD!

  2. Hmm – what about sausages? Irish chick and her Irish mates used to claim that the sausages over there were fantastic – is it the same when they’re Scottish?

  3. Got in just before me. Even the sausages you buy from Sainsbury’s are rock over there. Try them. The Cumberland saussies, particularly.

    But you’re mistaken on the bacon: the best is served at Bar Babar, just next door to my place. Such salty goodness…

  4. That is so nice! I love the idea of co-workers taking time to note each other’s tea preferences. Or coffee, as the case may be.

    And with regards to your previous post about elderly patients: I admitted a 101-year-old man to the hospital the other day. Really. His problem: constipation. Again, really. It was so bad though that he was vomiting and unable to keep food down (we did a CAT scan and didn’t find anything else wrong with him).

    Didn’t eat his prunes, I guess. We gave him a few enemas and he was right as rain.

  5. You know we can lend you the cash, right? Till you get on your feet.

    My plan was to set up a paypal account and ask people if they wouldn’t mind donating 5 bucks. That was when it was onyl 80 quid to get the damn thing installed.

    If I did set it up, would anyone chip in? A one time fee of $5 for a few years of Shauny love – total. Bargain.

    Pledge love now!

  6. I pledge it in a most delightful manner!

    So Shauny, did you put Rhi’s and your tea/coffee preferences on the list? You might have to add a hot chocolate column 🙂

  7. That is indeed very cute the way your co-workers have their tea and coffee preferences up, and it’s nice too that you work at a place that’s small enough to be like that.

    I pledge very happily.

  8. Best sausages are catering sausages, those packs of 100 that fishshops use. Not seen a tea list before? A must have in a busy office. Even though I make tea once a week I can never remember what my colleagues drink and you won’t believe how fussy the buggers are when I put one sugar instead of two!

  9. Tea? Whats that?

    Never hear of it…

    Perhaps if you showed them pictures of yourself durring your childhood, they would see that the eyes have always been shifty and perhaps let you get by on a congenital birth defect waiver.

    I’d pledge a dollar (ok…maybe five if I was pressed)

  10. oh, that’s so lovely, shauny! i almost cried the other day when a colleague surprised me with a croissant and a little dish of jam with real strawberries perched on top beside my PC. had she have thrown me a few half-nibbled toast-crusts i would have felt the same way at the unexpected kindness.

    if you feel that the shiftiness issue is a real problem, just wear sunglasses inside. that’ll help, i’m sure.


  11. I was going to suggest the donations thing but was beaten to it! I’ll pledge you £20. Has anyone sorted the paypal account out?

  12. wow, that’s so cool that they have a list of how people take their caffeine. 🙂

    now have you ever tried bacon in the philippines? i don’t think they do anything particularly special to it, but they slice it really thin so that when it’s cooked it goes extra crispy. yum!

    yeah, five bucks from me, too. hell, it costs more than three times that to go to the movies & that’s only a one time, two hours worth thing. for a piddling five bucks we can get ‘shauny-on-demand’! 🙂

  13. oh dear. noooo, you are very kind but i don’t want to do that. it would be icky. coz then if i started writing crap i’d feel terribly guilty. anyway, thank you so much. you’re all gems, i tells ya 🙂

  14. i know, it was a bit posh!

    hey, i’ll give you money, too, shauny. it could be like a telethon but different.

    go on, set up a piggy bank.

  15. shauny love is worth $5 to me! well, it’s worth more than that, but if i gave money to everyone, well, i wouldn’t have any left for my house! 🙁

    shauny, i’m going to quote your bit about the tea chart in my blog, suitably linked, of course. please let me know if you have a problem with that!!!

  16. You’ll never write crap Shauny! Go ahead and try, you can’t do it. No way. No how. Where’s that paypal account!!!!

  17. I like your use of the word ‘spreadsheet’ where others might’ve used ‘table’ 🙂 Reminds me of referring to printed references as ‘links’.

    Oh, and is the bacon Danish? I seem to recall that Danish bacon is popular over here (or maybe I was just taken in by the heavy marketing in years past).

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